Lore-Driven Metaverse Game ‘Forever Has Fallen’ Prepares to Launch

Lore-Driven Metaverse Game ‘Forever Has Fallen’ Prepares to Launch

‘Forever Has Fallen,’ the highly anticipated metaverse game, has announced its official launch. Set to go live on March 19, FHF will herald a new chapter for the notion of a story-driven metaverse, giving players a first chance to explore its vast plains that are steeped in lore.

In addition to pioneering a new take on the virtual worlds concept defined by the metaverse, FHF will be flying the flag for web3. The game’s official launch provides a snapshot of where GameFi is today, with the industry improving markedly from when web3 gaming emerged four years ago.

Metaverse Mega Bounty Begins

Forever Has Fallen sees players take on the role of bounty hunters. As they roam the metaverse game’s sprawling universe, they’re lured into escape rooms and presented with fiendish challenges that promise generous rewards to anyone who can solve them. Part puzzle game, part quest, and FHF are games that reward deep exploration.

As with popular video games such as Grand Theft Auto V, FHF contains a number of easter eggs and hidden puzzle games, providing added incentives for players to traverse its every nook and cranny. Thanks to its web3 capabilities, players can own the assets they cultivate and trade them on a P2P marketplace.

NFTs are naturally a key element of the FHF experience, arriving in the form of Bounty Hunter Tickets (BHTs) which can be used to unlock unique experiences within the metaverse. The underlying blockchain that handles the web3 game elements is a Polkadot parachain that was developed by Unique Network.

Supporting a Sustainable Economy

One of the greatest challenges developers face in web3 games and metaverses is optimizing token design. The game should be sustainable, supporting a circular economy in which later entrants still have an opportunity to compete. One of the greatest weaknesses of the first wave of Play-to-Earn games was how token rewards were front-loaded to favour early adopters, resulting in a volatile and ultimately unsustainable economy.

The team behind Forever Has Fallen is confident that its tokenomic model, including the use of NFTs, will provide incentives that encourage non-speculative play while ensuring that new players have an opportunity to acquire the assets they need to optimize their metaverse experience at a fair price.

Kimon Lycos, Head of Creative at Forever Has Fallen, explains: “This new entertainment franchise is built with and for fans, providing an unforgettable adventure to which they can earn rewards for sharing and contributing. It’s comparable to watching a great movie, leaving the theatre on a high, and someone handing you three tickets you can sell to others waiting in line for the next showing. It’s a big change from traditional models, subscriptions for streaming services or centralized ticketing – perhaps we will transform future entertainment business models.”

Lycos is referring to FHF’s innovative ticketing system whereby fans can earn three tickets, which they are entitled to sell on a P2P marketplace for a fixed price. The launch of Forever Has Fallen is merely the latest milestone for the metaverse game, whose creators promise a slew of exciting new features and quests to come.

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