Bitcoin Dogs Enters Final 24 Hours Of Its Presale After Raising Over $11.5 Million

Bitcoin Dogs Enters Final 24 Hours Of Its Presale After Raising Over $11.5 Million

As the last 24 hours of the presale approach, Bitcoin Dogs has already raised over $11.5 million in less than 30 days.

With the game beta and the 10,000-strong NFT collection scheduled for release in Q2, the team behind the project has set a fast pace. News of the first initial coin offering (ICO) on the Bitcoin Blockchain has been going viral online and has garnered significant media coverage.

The final token price, which is $0.0404, represents the most recent pricing tranche and is 169% more expensive for buyers who purchased at the first stage of the presale.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin Dogs is a PVP game and NFT collection with a well-considered original concept.

In addition to drawing influence from some of the most popular video game projects to date, such as Axie Infinity, Xpet, and Bitcoin Cats, it also shares traits with past NFT collections’ values, such as BAYC and CryptoPunks.

The 0DOG utility token is available on BRC-20, a novel cryptocurrency platform based on Bitcoin. By utilizing ordinal inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain to offer an experimental fungible token standard, BRC-20 expands the scope of digital asset tokenization.

The success of Bitcoin Dogs has shown how eagerly emerging ventures utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technologies may pique interest.

The company claims that since the 10,000-strong Bitcoin Dogs NFT collection will only be accessible to holders of 0DOG tokens and is scheduled to launch in Q2 of this year—basically doubling down on the Q1 token launch—token holders will be anticipating the chance to witness a second movement.

As the first initial coin offering (ICO) of its kind, the company claims that owning 0DOG tokens is an opportunity to own a piece of blockchain history. This is unique and immutable; it cannot be duplicated.

The crypto community has shown a great deal of interest in the brand because of its traction and tongue-in-cheek power, as well as its long-term potential to impact the blockchain gaming area and potentially revive the NFT market.

The statement “all of this makes Bitcoin Dogs our highest-rated token this year” from encapsulated this feeling. There will likely be more BRC-20 presales in the future, and the Bitcoin blockchain may emerge as the leading cryptocurrency ecosystem. A fantastic method to invest in this new wave of altcoins based on Bitcoin is through Bitcoin Dogs.

With over 110,000 members in its X community, Bitcoin Dogs aims to have garnered enough interest from the ecosystem to get off the ground.

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