Stanford Student-Run Fund Allocated 7% of Portfolio to Bitcoin, But There’s More To This BTC Venture

Stanford Students Allocated 7% of Their Portfolio to Bitcoin

Blyth, a student-run investment fund at Stanford University, has recently allocated 7% of its portfolio to Bitcoin through BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin ETF (IBIT), marking the first time that the fund has invested in cryptocurrency.

Cole Lee, the leader of Stanford’s blockchain club, proposed the decision to invest in Bitcoin in February. Notably, the Blyth Fund was founded in 1978 in honour of legendary banker Charles Blythe and managed up to $1 million of Stanford’s Expendable Funds Pool. The fund invests in stocks, bonds, and other assets and is known for its successful investment strategies.

In a Monday Tweet, Lee justified the investment by citing ETF inflows, crypto market cycles, and protection from “monetary chaos and war.” According to Lee, Blyth’s structure includes separate funds, giving students the freedom to make investment decisions.

He further explained that the iShares Bitcoin ETF was an excellent opportunity for Blyth to buy its first cryptocurrency.

“In February, pitched IBIT to Blyth Fund, the student-run fund which manages a portion of Stanford’s Endowment. Bitcoin is now ~7% of the portfolio,” stated Lee, adding “the ETF was Bitcoin’s IPO moment. Now, buying Bitcoin is as easy as buying a stock.”

He also predicted an influx of traditional institutions coming into the Bitcoin scene before the end of 2026, triggered by the recent ETF approvals.

Following Tesla and El Salvador’s 2021 Bitcoin purchases, I believe multiple governments and a dozen S&P companies will add Bitcoin to their balance sheets within two years,” Lee added.

Furthermore, the pundit predicted that Bitcoin would reach a price range of $110,000 to $130,000 this bull cycle, representing a potential upside of 140% to 180% from its current price. This projection is based on the completion of a cyclical pattern.

Previously, the Bitcoin proponent had pointed out that breaking the $69,000 mark would result in the liquidation of billions of dollars’ worth of short positions, leading to increased volatility in the upward direction.

In a follow-up tweet on Thursday, March 6, the pundit added that a shakeout of leveraged long positions and accumulation would occur, followed by a push to the upside guided by ETF inflows. According to the pundit, a full break above $69,000 would suggest that Bitcoin is poised for further gains.

The Bitcoin proponent also highlighted the robust inflows into Bitcoin, expecting this trend to continue and gain momentum as the price of Bitcoin rises. Notably, on March 4, BlackRock made an SEC filing to include Bitcoin in its Strategic Income Opportunities Fund, which has $36.5 billion in assets under management (AUM).

Additionally, ZyCrypto reported that Bank of America and Wells Fargo clients can now access Bitcoin on demand. Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley is also reportedly conducting due diligence regarding adding spot Bitcoin ETFs to its brokerage platform. These developments suggest that institutional interest in Bitcoin is increasing, which could further drive up demand and prices.

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