Bitgert Coin: This Altcoin Could Potentially Surge Over 12000% in Just One Month

Bitgert Coin: This Altcoin Could Surge Over 12000% in Just One Month

Let’s talk about one of the hottest crypto opportunities around right now that could make you a millionaire in a month. You read that right—an altcoin with potential 12,000% gains within a month or two!

The coin I’m buzzing about is called Bitgert (BRISE). It’s an innovative altcoin already making waves by solving major issues plaguing popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Innovative Altcoin: Bitgert

One of Bitgert’s biggest strengths is its blistering transaction speed and low fees. Talking about the ability to process a whopping 100,000 transactions per second on its Brise Chain, all with zero gas fees. That’s ahead of Ethereum’s low pace of only 15–30 transactions per second with high gas fees. Bitgert is making crypto affordable and scalable for mainstream real-world usage.

Over 100 different projects have already integrated Bitgert’s technology into their platforms and apps. When you solve massive bottlenecks around cost and throughput, the demand is bound to explode.

The Tokenomics of the Bitgert Coin

Token distribution:
  • Team: 5%
  • Public Sale: 88%
  • Marketing: 7%

However, apart from the innovative tech, Bitgert’s tokenomics and recent price action signal that a potentially earth-shattering pump could be right around the corner. Let me break it down:

Right now, Bitgert is trading at just $0.0000002313 per coin. Sure, it seems like a small amount, but that’s because the total supply is only 427 billion coins—a much lower supply than most major altcoins in the crypto world.

However, with the rapid adoption of platforms and apps, trading volumes and visibility for BRISE are surging daily. It’s attracting a lot of investors and mainstream hype.

Now, combine that with the fact that nearly 50% of Bitgert’s total supply is already out of circulation. With diminishing supply and exponentially increasing demand, it can go exponentially.

The stage is set for a massive supply squeeze that could easily 10x, or even 20x, Bitgert’s current price to new all-time highs in a heartbeat. Many analysts predict that the Bitgert can go 12000%, looking at the rate at which it has gained adoption from projects as well as holders. In the previous bull run, the Bigert coin had already touched an all-time high on September 9, 2021, giving 36236.1% to its token holders. This can easily repeat itself in this crypto bull run.

That’s the power of getting in early on a high-potential altcoin like Bitgert before its “Ethereum moment” fully kicks into overdrive. We saw those kinds of crazy 10,000%+ pumps with early investors in ETH, Solana, and many other cryptos.

Bitgert Coin Holders

As per the data from the BscScan, there are 188,600+ Bitgert token holders. And this number keeps increasing day by day. Even on the cryptocurrency listing website CoinMarketCap, BRISE coin is on 178,454 watchlist.

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