ZettaBlock Open Beta: Sui Selected as Founding Partner for Revolutionary Web3 Data Service

ZettaBlock Open Beta: Sui Selected as Founding Partner for Revolutionary Web3 Data Service

At ZettaBlock’s Open Beta debut, Sui is one of the twelve networks that will be merged, providing builders with easy access to a potent new Web3 data platform source.

Data platform ZettaBlock has announced that Sui, the blazingly fast, infinitely horizontally scalable layer 1 blockchain that has swiftly emerged as a top destination for DeFi activity, is one of the protocols selected to be a foundational integration partner at the launch of its ground-breaking Web3 data platform. With the opening of ZettaBlock’s open beta, builders and developers will have easy access to rich, high-quality data from more than 12 blockchains and 500 well-known Web3 datasets, including Sui.

ZettaBlock, founded in 2022, is a significant development in Web3 data processing. Users can import their vital, private data sources onto ZettaBlock’s full-stack, institutional-grade, unified platform, which offers rich on-chain data in real-time and historical context. Significantly, ZettaBlock provides developers with a single, flexible, and scalable data platform, eliminating the need to interact with many data vendors. Additionally, ZettaBlock’s platform is user-friendly, providing developers with a vast library of pre-built APIs that cover most use cases and enable them to build quickly. Additionally, developers can easily craft custom APIs based on any business or dApp logic via SQL, which generates GraphQL endpoints ready with a single click without requiring any infrastructure overhead.

ZettaBlock’s strong data solutions have already fueled companies like Artemis Analytics, Chainlink,, and Forta in its brief existence. Apart from Sui, ZettaBlock’s open beta provides easy access to data produced by Web3 networks like Polygon, Stellar, and zkSync from the partner side.

ZettaBlock’s technology enables interoperability, essential for expanding and improving ecosystems and pushing the limits of Web3 use cases. Utilizing its preliminary collaboration with ZettaBlock, Sui plays a vital role in dismantling obstacles for developers that aspire to innovate and transcend the existing constraints of DeFi. ZettaBlock, in particular, gives developers more power by taking care of infrastructure and data issues, freeing them up to concentrate on creating innovative Web3 applications. Sui’s zkLogin and zkSend are two examples of developments that will help the integration of ZettaBlock’s technology accelerate web2 adoption and promote the further expansion of the rapidly expanding Sui ecosystem.

Sui’s announcement that it will be a supplier in ZettaBlock’s open beta follows several significant accomplishments in Sui’s own DeFi ecosystem. Sui entered the top ten chains by TVL in January, and in the most recent month, the network gained more assets than all other blockchains combined, with over $310M shifting from Ethereum to Sui, according to Wormhole data.

“Being chosen as a founding member of the ZettaBlock platform is a powerful testament to how positively Sui and its ecosystem are viewed in the broader Web3 landscape,” said Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation. “Sui is pleased to be a part of ZettaBlock’s commendable efforts to remove the silos that separate Web3 ecosystems and to help strengthen our ability to advance the technology to solve real-world use cases.”

ZettaBlock is now accessible for developers, analysts, and companies operating in web2 and web3 environments with today’s open beta launch.

“We are excited to partner with Sui, a leading Layer 1 in the industry with impressive underlying technology and proven reliability,” said ZettaBlock Co-Founder and CEO, Chi Zhang. “The success of ZettaBlock is built around partnerships with the most active blockchain ecosystems and protocols and we are integrating Sui as a foundational partner to make it extremely simple for developers to access that burgeoning ecosystem.”

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