Bitcoin Jumps Over $650 In 24 Hrs As New Rival Token Passes $1-Million in Presale Phase

Bitcoin Jumps Over $650 In 24 Hrs As New Rival Token Passes $1-Million in Presale Phase

Bitcoin and Mollars, the new store of value [SOV] token for Ethereum Blockchain, are both appearing to be great deflationary crypto assets.  The $BTC just saw its price increase by over $650 in 24 hours, while $MOLLARS token presale surged past $1.03-Million-dollars in its presale phase.

The reason for Bitcoin’s growth is hypothesized to be in relation to the ‘halving’ that’s coming alongside the United SEC approval of the spot ETF for it. Several top crypto experts believe the $BTC price will surge past $100,000 this year after major institutions begin dumping funds into the SOV token.

Simple Explanation of Why Bitcoin Price Is Rising 

The reason for the price increases in this crypto, layman’s terms wise, is ‘more demand, means more scarcity, which means a higher value.’

Massive swarms of crypto fish, shrimps, and others in the digital currency hierarchy are infusing into Bitcoin, hoping to catch yields from the coming rush of funds being put on the market by wealth management institutions.

Though the rush of enthusiasts accumulating BTC before $100,000 is creating headlines, the actual yield percentage is not extremely high in comparison to earlier ROI yields. With Bitcoin currently priced at $62,683 today, an increase to $100K would only be a +59.5329% profit yield.  Bitcoin’s early holders from 2011 raked in profits as high as +20,000,000% from buying into the concept before the crypto brand was known.

Over $1-Million Pumped Into Mollars Token Presale

For that reason, many crypto traders have turned their attention to a new store of value token and rival for Bitcoin, on Ethereum-Blockchain.

Mollars, another deflationary cryptocurrency asset, is in its prime stage — the token presale. Introduced to the crypto world at the end of 2023, it raised nearly $1-million-dollars in 2 months, making major headlines since January 2024 [this year].

Just last week the SOV token’s presale sum passed $1,000,000  in funds raised and over 1.8-million tokens presold. If divided by 90 days, aka 3 months, it’s an astonishing average of 20,000 tokens being sold daily to crypto traders worldwide.

The reason for this activity is because Mollars is being considered, “the BTC for the Ethereum-Blockchain network.” It will offer store-of-value asset features like the world’s first crypto, Bitcoin, but with more modern solutions.

Mollars uses a blockchain with lower transaction fees than Bitcoin

One solution, for example, is the $MOLLARS token, which will have lower transaction fees for buying and selling. Bitcoin blockchain has become the industry’s worst in fees entering 2024, with the average coin exchange costing traders $39. Mollars token will alleviate Ethereum-blockchain users of those fees, based on a blockchain that averaged 80% less on costs.

In short, a Bitcoin trader who paid $39 for a trade would only have paid $7 swapping Mollars instead.

Profit Yield Predictions of Bitcoin vs Mollars

ROI-wise, Mollars is capturing attention more as well. The SoV token is currently priced at $0.50 [cents], but will list on crypto exchanges in less than 2 months for $0.62 [cents]; A +24% yield almost immediately for buyers.

In comparison, Bitcoin traders are ‘hoping’ the coin passes the $100,000 milestone by the end of the year. That’s a 9-month wait for a +59.4% ROI yield. However, the price could miss that target altogether as it’s dependent upon the Spot ETF.

Mollars token on the other hand, will get a 24% profit yield upon listing on crypto exchanges in May 2024, at latest. That’s slightly under half of the forecasted $BTC ROI with a nine month wait, in a third of the time [3 months].

Going by long-term predictions, the Mollars ($MOLLARS) token is expected to go much higher by 2024 than Bitcoin. A Coinpedia analysis shows the amount traders would make this year if the ERC-20 token reached $100 in comparison to Solana, and just like Bitcoin, the difference of potential yields is monumental; Mostly in part to the Mollars token being in its prime wise, the presale stage.

The host of CryptoNews reported Mollars could see a 20x increase in value this year. The stunning figure would mean a +2000% growth in value. The host also verified the wallet connection or ‘bridge’ on the Mollars ICO before positively reviewing the digital asset’s tokenomics plan.

Prices After CEX Listing Will Tell Much About Future

All of these factors and more is why the Mollars token has surged to over $1.03-million-dollars in funds raised during this token presale.  

With over 1.8-million tokens sold to date, the demand also suggests that the cryptocurrency’s branding value is also at an all-time high that could have positive ripple effects.

In under 3 months, the better asset will shine through, however. Mollars token being listed on its first crypto exchanges will tell much about its future potential. If things go well after the initial listing, with multiple crypto exchanges following suit by adding the deflationary cryptocurrency asset, Mollars could make the returns of Bitcoin look minuscule in comparison.

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