Bitcoin Dogs Makes History with First-Ever ICO on Bitcoin Blockchain, Raises $3.1M in Under 6 Days

Bitcoin Dogs Makes History with First-Ever ICO on Bitcoin Blockchain, Raises $3.1M in Under 6 Days

Bitcoin Dogs, a remarkable blockchain project that seeks to bridge the gap between NFTs, gaming, and new token types, has just made history by launching the first-ever ICO on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In just six days, the project has raised an impressive $3.1M through its presale, with its BRC-20 token, 0DOG, capturing the attention of holders and enthusiasts alike.

Leveraging the cutting-edge Ordinals protocol, Bitcoin Dogs invites crypto adherents and enthusiasts to become part of a historic moment, leading to a steady increase in token prices every three days until the presale concludes on March 15th.

The project’s rapid ascent to prominence is fueled by its rapidly growing community, with over 80,000 followers flocking to the Bitcoin Dogs’ X community in less than six days. Additionally, a staggering 14,500 members are actively engaged in discussions about the project on Telegram, underscoring the massive excitement and interest surrounding Bitcoin Dogs.

The project is focused on integrating gameplay with social media, allowing players to earn in-game currency by sharing their progress and competing in various dog-themed challenges and races. This innovative approach fosters community engagement and extends the game’s reach to a wider audience.

The rapid rise of Bitcoin Dogs can be attributed to a confluence of factors, including strong project fundamentals, a booming crypto market led by Bitcoin, and a compelling value proposition. Moreover, the project’s proximity to Bitcoin and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming halving event have further fueled investor optimism.

As the countdown to public trading begins, Bitcoin Dogs is set to capitalize on the momentum generated by its historic presale. With just 23 days remaining until the highly anticipated launch, the project will solidify its status as a pioneering force within the world of BRC-20 tokens and blockchain-based gaming.

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