Chromia Partners RSTLSS to Foster Digital Asset Creation in Web3 Gaming

Chromia Partners RSTLSS to Foster Digital Asset Creation in Web3 Gaming

Renowned layer-1 blockchain platform Chromia announced it has partnered with RSTLSS, a digital wearables firm, to revolutionize the creation and utilization of digital assets within the Web3 gaming space.

According to the announcement, this strategic partnership aims to empower users of the Chromia ecosystem, particularly within popular Web3 games like ‘My Neighbor Alice,’ by providing them with tools to design and leverage in-game wearable digital assets seamlessly.

Chromia Schedules Mainnet Launch for 2024

Chromia, known for its modular framework enabling the creation of complex decentralized applications (dApps), is set to launch its mainnet in 2024. Its ecosystem encompasses gaming, real-world assets, digital collectibles, sports, and fashion.

RSTLSS, on the other hand, emerges as a next-generation platform streamlining the creation and monetization of game-ready accessories such as clothing, skins, and weapons. Leveraging 3D templates, patterns, textures, and artwork, RSTLSS enables users to craft and mint their creations as NFTs across multiple games and platforms.

The partnership between Chromia and RSTLSS signifies a collaborative effort to enhance accessibility within the blockchain space. While Chromia simplifies decentralized applications, RSTLSS provides user-friendly design tools requiring no coding knowledge. This collaboration will be particularly evident as RSTLSS integrates with Chromia’s flagship game, ‘My Neighbor Alice,’ enriching the gaming experience by empowering players to create and utilize their digital assets seamlessly.

Notably, both companies are gearing up for significant milestones in 2024. RSTLSS is set to launch the beta version of its User-Generated Content (UGC) platform in March, while Chromia anticipates the launch of its mainnet later in the year. Technical collaboration between the two projects is expected to commence in the coming months, laying the groundwork for their shared vision of innovation and progress.

Charli Cohen, Founder of RSTLSS, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “The ethos of Web3 and decentralization are very important to me, and Chromia’s approach reflects those ideas. Digital assets are all about ownership and putting power in the hands of the users.”

Henrik Hjelte, Co-Founder of Chromia, also commented on the new development, expressing delight.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with RSTLSS. Their technology empowers users to envision and design their creations while retaining control over their work.”

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