First-Ever ICO on the Bitcoin Blockchain Set to Launch in 2 Hours

First-Ever ICO on the Bitcoin Blockchain Set to Launch in 2 Hours

In less than two hours, Bitcoin Dogs, the world’s first initial coin offering (ICO) on the Bitcoin blockchain, will create history.

Pre-sale customers can purchase $0DOG coins on the website starting at 11:00 AM GMT for $0.015. During the 30-day presale, prices will rise every 72 hours, with a $0.0404 token price on March 15th.

Before Bitcoin Dogs are put up for trade, the groundbreaking ICO will be the only method to acquire $0DOG. It also marks the start of a new era for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The $0DOG presale takes place exclusively on the website.

A New Chapter in GameFi

A BRC-20 token, or $0DOG, is a novel kind of cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin. With the launch of the Ordinals protocol in 2023, programmers can now construct secure BTC blockchain coins such as $0DOG.

NFTs are also introduced to Bitcoin by Ordinals, and Bitcoin Dogs profits from this development as well. The project has the greatest collection of exclusive NFTs on Ordinals to date, with 10,000 pieces.

These NFTs make up the primary elements of the upcoming Bitcoin Dogs game, together with the $0DOG token. The game, whose beta starts in Q2, blends play-to-earn (P2E) mechanisms with gameplay reminiscent of Tamagotchi, bringing a beloved gaming experience into the GameFi era.

Playing games with social media integration is essential. Players can obtain in-game currency through social media sharing of their achievements, a feature that is expected to increase the number of players in the game. Additionally, Twitter/X will host Dog Showdown events, when participants compete against each other using their virtual pets.

The journey ahead for Bitcoin Dogs

The journey ahead for Bitcoin Dogs is expected to be historic, even after the historic $0DOG ICO.

Other BRC-20 coins saw remarkable price movement last year, making headlines. One breakout token, $ORDI, saw a 3,000% increase in value between September 2023 and January of this year. Among the other BRC-20 coins is Orange, whose ORNJ token last week had a 677% increase in three days.

Bitcoin Dogs is in good company because of its close closeness to the Ordinals NFT market. Experts predict that when a “roaring comeback” for NFTs takes shape, bitcoin-based NFTs will continue to outperform the broader market because they performed well in 2023 while the rest of the NFT market struggled.

The rise of $0DOG is also expected to be fueled by the expansion of Bitcoin itself. The original cryptocurrency has had a successful year thus far, and the SEC has already approved Bitcoin ETFs in the US. In addition, a CoinTelegraph survey indicates that 84% of investors anticipate that the upcoming April halving event would drive Bitcoin to all-time highs.

Presale participants can purchase $0DOG tokens for $0.015 starting at 11:00 AM GMT. During the 30-day presale, prices will rise every 72 hours, with a $0.0404 token price on March 15th.

$0DOG tokens are available to purchase on the website.

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