Making History: Bitcoin Dogs to Host First-Ever ICO on Bitcoin Blockchain

Making History: Bitcoin Dogs to Host First-Ever ICO on Bitcoin Blockchain

Bitcoin Dogs, a decentralized community-driven project, makes history with the first-ever Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The ICO is set to be launched on February 14th, 2024, offering $0DOG tokens for grabs. The presale will run for 30 days and end on March 15th, 2024. Following the presale, the token will then be available for trading. 

The presale will start with stage 1, with each 0DOG token priced at $0.015. The price will automatically increase every 72 hours, reaching $0.0404 at the final stage. This will be a 169.33% rise, a significant surge for early bird investors. Notably, 0DOG holders will enjoy numerous incentives and rewards, including exclusive access to Bitcoin Dogs’ metaverse GameFi space and the NFT collection.

The 0DOG token has a total supply of 900 million tokens. 90% of these tokens will be offered for grabs during the ICO. All the unsold tokens, dubbed “stray dogs”, will be burned, creating a deflationary pressure.

Bitcoin Dog comes into play to challenge the recently launched Bitcoin Cats project. Barely 7 weeks old, Bitcoin Cats currently has $24 million in market cap and over $7 million in daily trading volume. 

Drawing from Axie Infinity and Tamagotchi, Bitcoin Dogs has created a play-to-earn environment that allows users to raise, race, and trade their pets. A player is allowed to raise their dogs to earn rewards and incentives. Once a dog reaches the maturity level, the owner begins to earn 0DOG tokens through races and other competitions. The 0DOG tokens allow players to engage in various transactions, including selling, betting, or holding of tokens. Reportedly, presale stakers will unlock a 75% APR when they lock up their tokens. 

Bitcoin Dog employs retro gaming graphics that help bring the game to life. The dogs in the game are stored as 10,000 individual NFTs with different rarity levels. In addition to selling and buying, NFT owners are also able to breed their dogs, creating diverse and rare pet species. 

Notably, players will store their NFTs on the Bitcoin BRC-20 blockchain with the help of the cutting-edge Ordinals protocol. The Ordinals protocol offers more security and reliability than other protocols in the market.

Still in development, Bitcoin Dog will launch its NFT collection in Q2 and the beta version of the Bitcoin. The official launch is set for Q3, with P2E partnerships lined up. 

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