Skyline Digital Sets to Revolutionize Web3 Space with Accessible TradFi Services

Skyline Digital Sets to Revolutionize Web3 Space with Accessible TradFi Services

Renowned Swiss-based platform, Skyline Digital has disclosed plans to offer accessible traditional financial (TradFi) services to underbanked businesses, founders, and DAOs in a bid to redefine the web3 space.

Skyline Digital to Bridge the Gap Between Web3 and TradFi

According to an official announcement today, the company has unveiled its suite of services aimed at bridging the gap between Web3 and traditional finance.

Skyline Digital understands that traditional banks often underserve Web3 entities, while centralized crypto exchanges pose risks and unreliability. Hence, it is seeking to address these challenges with its non-custodial platform, enabling direct access to TradFi services from any wallet. 

Operating as a regulated financial intermediary and VASP in crypto-friendly Switzerland, Skyline Digital facilitates various financial activities, including third-party payments, OTC trades, vIBANs, on/off-ramping, and tokenized real-world assets like US treasury bills.

One of the platform’s key features is its integration with Web3 liquidity providers and traditional financial institutions, allowing seamless payment processing and exchange between major stablecoins and fiat currencies such as EUR, USD, CHF, GBP, and SGD. Customers can initiate transactions directly from their preferred Web3 wallets, bypassing the complexities associated with traditional banking intermediaries.

According to Sebastião Queiroz e Mello, co-founder and CEO of Skyline Digital, “For Web3 professionals, the boundary between TradFi and DeFi remained practically impenetrable. Bridging on-chain assets to the real world posed significant challenges, especially for Unincorporated DAOs, due to their lack of a legal entity.”

In addition to facilitating transactions, Skyline Digital simplifies accounting reconciliation for Web3 businesses by providing detailed descriptions and tracking of both on-chain and fiat payments. Moreover, the platform offers crypto-to-crypto batch payments free of charge, contrasting sharply with competitors who levy substantial fees up to $9000 annually, plus a percentage fee per batch payment. 

Skyline Digital charges only 1% and $10 per fiat payment without onboarding or monthly fees. Launched in early 2023, the platform is also available via API and is set to introduce new TradFi and DeFi features, including invoicing functionality, cards, and loans. Furthermore, Skyline Digital’s accessibility extends to traditional investors, who can now participate in Web3 fundraises through bank transfers without the need for a wallet or technical expertise.

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