Bitget Wallet Appoints Former Senior Executive from BNB Chain as New Chief Operation Officer

Bitget Wallet Appoints Former Senior Executive from BNB Chain as New Chief Operation Officer

As much as we don’t want to admit it – globally, our familiarity with the Web3 world is still at its relative beginning. This is why, when hiring executives for crypto companies, it is critical to look at their experiences and achievements in the Web2 arena equally to those in Web3. 

Given that, Bitget’s today’s appointment of Alvin Kan as the new COO comes to us as no surprise. With over 15 years of experience in leading the ecosystem growth at BNB Chain and strategic development at LinkedIn, Alvin possesses the perfect background in both Web2 and Web3 domains, which is why this new hire makes so much sense for Bitget.

Bitget isn’t the only Web3 company to do so. Earlier this month, Coinbase announced the former UK finance minister George Osborne joining their team’s ongoing battle against SEC. Last year, WAGMI Games announced hiring such Web2 Top talents as Esteban Gil, formerly of Garena Free Fire, and Brent Pease, who previously held a senior role at Electronic Arts, the legendary company behind the FIFA football franchise — all to bring Web3 to the masses. The examples go on.

In outlining Bitget’s 2024 development plan, Alvin emphasizes a focus on these three key strategic points:

  • Global Expansion and Growth
  • Capturing New Narratives and Assets
  • Exploring New Opportunities in Wallets

He emphasized the importance of localizing teams and operational capabilities to specific regions as the key to tailoring the product development flow to the diverse needs of a global user base. So far, Bitget’s activity in Turkey, Vietnam, and Pakistan has demonstrated the team’s ongoing efforts in taking their customer’s cultural, socioeconomic and geo-political environments to deliver the best possible product – locally and globally. 

Alvin also acknowledges the importance of strategic collaborations with well-established Web2 to push Bitget Wallet’s global brand recognition. He commented:

“Bitget Wallet has always been on what we believe is the right path to chart the future of Web3 Wallets. Continuous progress is key in ensuring that we continually place ourselves and our users at the forefront of Web3 innovation.”

Another key initiative, proposed by Alvin, aims to facilitate the rapid implementation of technology and product strategies, while continuously maintaining the safety and integrity of Bitget’s operations. This decision comes as part of a dual-strategy approach, advocating for the robust execution of long-term initiatives alongside flexible engagement with short-term trends, ensuring the fast response to market shifts while maintaining meticulous infrastructure development. 

“New assets will always be at the core of wealth generation within this industry,” Alvin says. “Our goal is to be the first to uncover the next big opportunity for our users.”

As Web3 wallets have witnessed significant growth from basic functionalities to new and more complex versions like MPC and AA wallets, Alvin strongly emphasises simplifying the product experience, aiming for Bitget Wallet to serve as a seamless Web3 bridge. The goal is to carve out a distinctive competitive edge for Bitget Wallet in the dynamic market while attracting new masses with both safety and ease of use. 

“In our recent App version, the team has thoroughly reconsidered and redesigned the UI, with a dedicated focus on enhancing user-friendliness and ease of experience,” Kan highlights.

Overall, 2024 is going to be a very interesting year for crypto, and the outcome will heavily depend on how well the companies will tailor their products to the newer and less novice crypto users. Seeing new hires with a strong Web3 background gives us more hope in the impending global Web3 adoptions – but only time will show. 

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