Record-Smashing 110000 $MOLLARS Sold In 24 Hours As Presale Demand Signals Bitcoin’s 2024 Could Be Tough

Record-Smashing 110000 $MOLLARS Sold In 24 Hours As Presale Demand Signals Bitcoin’s 2024 Could Be Tough

Just 1 day ago, the Mollars cryptocurrency presale passed the milestone of 1-million tokens sold. The monumental achievement is a testament to how many people want a ‘Bitcoin option’ on the much better blockchain, Ethereum. With the initial coin offering initially slated to end in May 2024, even the creator(s) of the token are amazed at its unprecedented success and continuance of record-breaking days. Now, with nearly 30% of its total presale supply sold, Mollars transactions have reached another high. Over 110,000 tokens were sold in the last 24 hours, surpassing the prior week’s daily average of 85,000 sales.

The demand for Mollars tokens is nothing short of astonishing. It’s not a ‘gaming’ token but instead a solution for a major issue plaguing Bitcoin — transaction fees to buy, sell, or convert the store-of-value token. That means Mollars has the potential for longevity in the crypto world.

Mollars To Have Longevity Because It’s a DeFi Solution

The $MOLLARS crypto project has created a long-term, less costly solution to global inflation than Bitcoin. Dollars, Pesos, Yen, Pounds, Rubles, Dinars, and Rial have all felt the effects of prices of goods increasing while each fiat currency stays the same. What has gone up, however, is the store-of-value crypto, Bitcoin (BTC). In both centralized finance and decentralized finance analyst forecasts, cryptos will be the solution for decades.

The only problem with the $BTC Digi-asset is it is based on a non-scalable Blockchain solution. Traders investing in the token have lost millions of dollars in trading for the digital asset. The average trade in general costs $39. One Bitcoin whale this year lost over $130,000 to fees for a single transaction. These taxes on trades are outrageous.

As Bitcoin-Blockchain holds the title of worst fees for any crypto blockchain, Mollars token has a solution that’s rising in popularity. It’s simply “Mollars Saves Dollars” because it’s a store-of-value token like the $BTC but on the much cheaper Ethereum chain.

Whereas the average Bitcoin trade costs $39 on its native blockchain, $Mollars tokens will offer the same store-of-value qualities but for 80% less taxation on each buy or sell action made. The blockchain Mollars is based on a cost of an average of $7 per trade last year.

Lower Fees Meeting High Demand Could Skyrocket Cryptocurrency’s Value

Being a lower-cost store-of-value token with a 46% lower total token supply, met with high demand — Mollars could explode in value.

Just as Bitcoin (BTC) went up +20,000,000% at its all-time high due to demand, the $MOLLARS token might do the same.

Late Traders Will Get Molls After Mollars Total Token Supply Sells Out

The daily presale numbers are rising. If today’s sell rate of 110,000 tokens were to become the daily average for a fiscal quarter (3 months), traders would no longer be buying whole Mollars tokens. Instead, crypto users would trade fractional pieces of a Mollars token, known as “Molls.”

In a recent tweet, the creator(s) of the new Bitcoin-alternative terms 1/1000th of a Mollars token a ‘Moll’.

The fractional thousandth of a token having a name prepared shows how long-term and massive of a vision the creators of the Mollars project have.

While the Mollars token will have a similarity to Bitcoin, the new store-of-value crypto is premised on being a better version of the $BTC. The ERC-20 coin has the infrastructure of its predecessor but eliminates the weaknesses of the ‘grandaddy’ crypto.

All these reasons and more are why the new Bitcoin alternative is pre-selling in massive numbers, such as 110,000 daily. The ‘writing is on the wall’, and a big ROI yield is on the horizon.

Mollars vs Top Tokens’ Potential

While other tokens like Shiba Inu (SHIB), Bonk Inu (BONK), Dogecoin (DOGE), Solana (SOL), Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and more continue to push narratives of a 10% increase in value,  almost none of these has the potential to make the same profit gains as Mollars.

Memecoins like $SHIB, $BONK, and $DOGE are on their last legs.  Their golden days came from massive marketing in a less competitive crypto market. However, the reality is that none of these meme cryptos offer a solution that cryptocurrency traders need.


Dogecoin has potential, with Elon Musk at the helm of the push. However, ever since the Tesla owner said he’s more interested in Artificial Intelligence than crypto amid various lawsuits, it seems he’s steered clear of the grandfather Memecoin.

Bonk What?

Bonk Inu (BONK) is a meme token with nothing behind it. There’s not even anyone prominent talking about the token.

Shiba Inu To Burn For Eternity

Shiba Inu is still peddling a new token every year as part of its ecosystem but the reality is, the main token $SHIB has lost traders a lot of money over the last year.  For it to go up in value again, it would need major adoption from some powerful groups in different countries globally.

That still might not be enough.

The massive total token supply of 999,980,000,000,000 [trillion] is just far too much. It would take all of Earth’s humans, aliens from outer space, and souls in the heavens adopting the Shiba Inu coin for commercial use to deplete this level of supply in a reasonable time.

Altcoins To Have Good Yields But…

On the other hand, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, and Solana are altcoins that have the potential for great yields in 2024 — a positive. 

Ripple’s $XRP coin is useful to the global banking industries as it’s a digital asset that could  play an integral part in improving “SWIFT.”   However, it appears the United States SEC is cutting this crypto no slack, with news that the government is what’s stopping BlackRock from setting up a spot XRP ETF.

Solana Needs More Mobile Users

The Altcoin Solana (SOL) is doing great, as it just launched a new smartphone that’s being used as a tool to capture more cryptocurrency users. If millions of people start using Solana Mobile, it’s clear the company could launch a peer-to-peer payment system more easily.

However, even with that much hype, the $SOL token is long past its ICO prices and nearly $100 each. It’s projected to reach possibly $150 in value by 2024’s end, but still, that’s a small profit yield in comparison to Mollars token, which is in its best stage for investors to buy.

There are many other altcoins on crypto exchanges. However, it’s all about the ‘solution’ they offer regarding their future value. Demand is everything for cryptos.

Cryptocurrency’s Biggest Story for 2024

Right now, the biggest cryptocurrency in existence is about to face its biggest rival ever. Bitcoin versus Mollars will be a battle to watch for 2024. Crypto traders will have to choose to buy a new and improved store-of-value token that will save them 80% of their swapping fees on exchanges or stick to the old ways and lose money.

Smart money will want to keep their money, and smart money has the majority of wealth. Therefore, it’s more likely that this demand for 110,000 tokens daily from traders is likely to increase as the $MOLLARS cryptocurrency continues making headlines.

Currently priced at US$0.45, if the trading activity for the SOV token were to reach 10x the current daily buy rates, the value of one Mollars token would likely go parabolic — a crypto moonshot level increase.

High Mollars Demand Could Slump Bitcoin’s Price

The presale demand could also make 2024 problematic for Bitcoin. If “Mollars Saves Dollars,” the word is likely to spread, and crypto adherents may begin switching to the new store-of-value token, creating a drain on $BTC’s demand. Lower demand means a lower price, however spot ETF funds could keep the original crypto’s foundation solid as that’s one thing Mollars will not likely have soon. 

If it stays on Ethereum blockchain however, instead of inventing its own blockchain, Mollars would be on the same blockchain as a spot ETF crypto. Many believe the spot Ethereum ETF is to be approved in May of 2024.

The battle for the best store-of-value token is going to be a colossal match this year. One thing is for sure: token presales like this tend to make holders massive amounts, and Bitcoin could still see a 100% increase this year.

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