BestChange Overview: Discover Alternate Ways to Trade Your Cryptocurrencies

BestChange Overview: Discover Alternate Ways to Trade Your Cryptocurrencies


Convenience, usability, and security appear to be among the top concerns of crypto users and investors seeking to trade or swap their funds. While there are loads of exchange monitors in the industry, getting a platform that guarantees all qualities might be quite challenging.

Nonetheless, it is interesting to let you know that BestChange caters to this need by providing users with a unique way to trade their assets through special services. While it has been in existence since the emergence of cryptocurrencies, BestChange has proven to be that exchange monitor you have been on the watch for.

For a better understanding, let’s explore the basics of, how it works, and its remarkable uses.

BestChange Explained

BestChange is an exchange monitor that allows people to trade cryptocurrencies, e-currencies, and fiats with other exchangers that have been properly scrutinized and passed through a due diligence check by its administration. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, BestChange is a subsidiary of Agretis LLC, an innovative IT and software development company.

The increasing number of bad actors plaguing the broad financial market poses significant risks to people seeking to sell off, swap, or acquire new assets (cryptocurrencies, e-currencies, and cash). To curtail this issue, BestChange understands that watching out for reliable exchangers to trade your assets with is a very good way to go.

While this may be a very challenging task for an individual, BestChange has taken it upon itself to conduct strict diligence tests for exchangers on the market to verify their legitimacy. Hence, users are only required to compare their rates and make their choice.

With over 16 years of remarkable excellence, BestChange was launched by a young developer on 19 June 2007. In essence, the directory has been an expert at ensuring secure and convenient transactions among two parties who may have never met before for a very long time. Prior to the advent of cryptocurrencies, the directory has been in business, rendering special exchange services on fiats and e-currencies. 

Convenience and Great Usability:

BestChange features a friendly user interface. The platform can be easily operated by users with little or no technical expertise. All it takes to swap your assets is to click on the necessary buttons as displayed on the website.

For instance, users who want to exchange an asset (cryptocurrency, fiat, or e-currency) should follow the following steps.

Step 1: Select Your Preferred Asset

On the panel by the left side of your screen, indicate the currency you currently have under the Give section, and click the currency you wish to have or acquire under the Get section.

 Step 2: Choose the Exchanger With the Best Rate.

After selecting your preferred asset, the central part of the page will showcase a curated list of reliable exchangers specializing in your chosen exchange direction. The exchangers with the most favourable rates are conveniently placed at the top by default so you can make your choice.

Step 3: Calculate and Check Conversion Amount

Next, you can check the precise amounts you’ll receive after completing the conversion through the calculator featured on the website.

Step 4: Pick Your Preferred Exchanger:

Identify an exchanger that aligns with your preferences, and click on it to visit its website. Follow the provided instructions to initiate the exchange process.

Furthermore, it may interest you to know that there are other unique features designed to enhance the experience of users on BestChange. Every exchanger on the list is marked with clear indicators next to its name. These signals reveal crucial details like KYC requirements and whether the exchange operates manually or automatically.

With BestChange, users are not limited to swapping assets within their class only. This means that the directory does not only allow crypto-crypto exchange alone; users can also exchange cryptocurrencies for e-currencies(e.g., Bitcoin to Visa/MasterCard EUR).

Market coverage: 

As an expert in the business of monitoring exchangers, BestChange boasts over 300 trusted and reliable exchangers in its directory. With a major focus on security, these exchangers are confirmed to have gone through a due diligence check by the directory’s administration.

BestChange features up to 15 cryptocurrencies, which can be easily swapped on its website. These cryptocurrencies include BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, XMR, DOGE, DASH, USDT-TRC20, USDT-ERC20, USDT-BEP20, USDC, TRX, BNB, and SOL. On the other hand, its special services extensively cover regular cash and e-currencies like Paypal, WebMoney, Payeer, Skrill, and many others.

Bottom Line

With loads of exciting features and use cases provided by BestChange, it is safe to say that the directory has what it takes to help enthusiasts to protect their funds through their journey in the crypto space.

Due to its high commitment to security and reliability, the platform makes it possible for you to trade or swap your assets with reliable exchangers while incorporating proper security measures.

Also, its concern for convenience and usability is top-notch. It is important to note that leveraging on BestChange has many benefits. In addition to its unique features, the platform also serves as a BTC faucet, providing users with the opportunity to earn free Bitcoins.

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