Pacific Meta’s Localization Expertise Empowers Oasys’ Expansion Into The Chinese Market

Pacific Meta's Localization Expertise Empowers Oasys' Expansion Into The Chinese Market

In an announcement this Thursday, Oasys, a blockchain gaming platform, announced its partnership with Pacific Meta, a Japan-based advisory and marketing firm, to extend its reach to Chinese-speaking nations in the Southeast Asia region. The collaboration aims to support blockchain gaming projects on Oasys by leveraging Pacific Meta’s experience in marketing within the region, bringing a host of next-gen Web3 games to Chinese-speaking gamers. 

The Tokyo-based marketing and advisory firm has made a name for itself by assisting major blockchain projects and gaming companies in gaining a foothold in the Japanese and East Asian markets. The partnership with Oasys aims to do the same, with projects on Oasys set to benefit from the vast experience of Pacific Meta in strategic development, localization, promotional activities, community engagement, and assistance with token listings.

The key strategic benefits to Oasys will include localisation for the Chinese-speaking community, social media management, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing, and community engagement. Pacific Meta will provide comprehensive marketing and advisory support to Oasys, leveraging its robust presence in the local market to boost adoption rates. Moreover, the collaboration will enhance the expansion of Oasys’ gaming ecosystem, allowing Chinese speakers to experience the full potential of blockchain gaming.

The partnership blends well with Oasys’ goals outlined in the ‘Dragon Update’, which focuses on three major pillars: Interoperability, Ecosystem, and Killer Content. The strategic partnership will allow Chinese-speaking users to seamlessly connect to projects on Oasys, participate in the ecosystem and enjoy fun games. It will be particularly beneficial in implementing the third pillar, Killer Content, by supporting the creation of Chinese language materials tailored to blockchain gamers in Southeast Asia.

With a proven track record of introducing blockchain gaming platforms to the region, such as Luxon and Cross the Ages, the Oasys team believes the company will successfully push for mass adoption of its ecosystem within the Southeast Asia region.

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