Taki Games Debuts Polygon Pools With Quickswap Amid Unite Merger

Taki Games Debuts Polygon Pools With Quickswap Amid Unite Merger

After successfully merging with Unite, Taki Games—a Web3 mobile game network—expanded to the Polygon network. Also, it has teamed up with top Polygon DEX Quickswap to introduce fresh TAKI liquidity pools.

Taki Games has been expanding onto the Polygon network and has merged with Unite, the company behind the well-liked web3 and NFT project Kungfuverse. Weiwei Geng, the previous CEO of Unite, joined Taki Games as CEO following the merger.

In order to create deep liquidity for the launch of TAKI on Polygon, Taki Games has teamed up with Quickswap. This will allow for easy TAKI transfers between Polygon and Solana, as well as a specific liquidity pool for Taki’s bridged token. An additional feature added to this is a TAKI/MATIC pool.

Initially, Taki Games gained attention on Polygon with their web3 social product, which attracted one million members. Its extension to Polygon will speed accelerate the convergence of web2 and web3 gaming and offer a portfolio of mobile games powered by the TAKI token.

Taki invested $2.5 million in fiat and TAKI to purchase two well-known mobile games, Mom’s Kitchen and Bored Button, as a result of the merger with Unite. Mom’s Kitchen has 150,000 downloads and 8,000 MAUs, but Bored Button boasts over 5 million installs and over 200,000 monthly active users.

Taki Games CEO Weiwei Geng said: “The initial blockbusters of web3 gaming have shown the enormous demand for a game that players can actually own. They’ve also shown what happens when the business model can’t keep up with the vision and inflation eats away at the value which is why we’ve designed Taki differently. Instead, we aim to grow web3 gaming by transforming multibillion-dollar markets into value that gamers can keep for themselves.”

Now that TAKI is available on Quickswap, users of Polygon can explore the web3 games it powers, trade the token without restriction, and supply liquidity.

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