SHIB Rival Golden Inuverse Launches New Play-to-Earn Crypto Game & It Could Increase Token Value Big Time

SHIB Rival Golden Inuverse Launches New Play-to-Earn Crypto Game & It Could Increase Token Value Big Time

Shiba Inu (SHIB) token’s new rival, Golden Inu ($GOLDEN), launched its new play-to-earn game on the 1st of the New Year.   Made available for download on the official website,, the new crypto game did not disappoint.

The Golden Inuverse game’s design is in low poly-stylized 3D. Gamers can feel they are actually in the game, running through a planet, reportedly 3.1miles in each direction. 

How to Join $Golden Inuverse

To play the new P2E game, users must have two things. First, the game is a download with a launcher feature to give players the latest updates upon logging in.  Second, players must have at least $10 of Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) tokens in their connected wallet.   

If a user has the $10 of $GOLDEN tokens in their digital wallet, the game is free to play and earn. If there are no tokens, a user must pay $19.99 to join in on the adventure and begin to earn $GOLDEN tokens.

And gamers must be aware that there are two types of Golden Inu tokens. Both are legit and a part of the cryptocurrency’s long-term vision to have a booming, multi-dApp ecosystem and marketplace.


First, there’s a bep-20 $GOLDEN on the binance chain. It’s a token that is less costly and will be the main token of the Golden Inuverse.  It can be purchased on Pancakeswap [learn more here]. The current price per token is a miniscule $0.000000000000117186..   

The bep-20 token will be used for wallet verification, in-game purchases, and less costly gaming options a player may choose to partake in.  It is the main token of the Golden Inuverse p2e game.


Second, there’s the Ethereum-blockchain-based version of the $Golden token — an ERC-20.  This token will be used for the purchase of high-cost NFTs and other game products of the Golden Inuverse.

In the future, it will be used for a cryptocurrency marketplace called the “$Golden Bazaar” that will aim to be the ‘Amazon of the crypto world.’

Today, the ERC-20 $GOLDEN has a price of $0.00000000001891 and can be purchased via Uniswap [learn more here], an alternate decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Both tokens will have value to the Golden Inuverse game in the end.

$Golden Inuverse Game Features

For now, there’s 1 character available, but there will be multiple Golden Inu tribes in the game soon. Players will be able to select the tribe they wish to pick a Golden Inu from and then customize its features to make a 1-of-a-kind character. This character will be exclusively associated with the player’s account until the Golden Inu created has been defeated and all life force has been lost.

Golden Inuverse allows multiple players to roam its woodlands at the same time. A ‘social’ play-to-earn experience, gamers can communicate with one another in-game via voice chat like NBA Live or Madden; competitive talk is welcome in battles.

Pyramids, lakes, villages, ruins, forests, grasslands, and mountains exist in the Golden Inuverse’s diverse geography. The game has day and night-time modes that will shift gradually based on the Sub Sahara’s time zone.  There will also be changes in weather with features such as rain, snow, wind, and extreme heat.

On top of those features, the Golden Inuverse will be a procedurally generated world that will grow as more players join. 

The in-game goods for battle and survival will also expand in time, likely to debut in late January 2024.

The Golden Inuverse is going to allow the first 1,111 members to join free as long as they have US$10 of $GOLDEN  in their digital wallet.   To play the game, as any P2E game, users must connect their wallet via a secured bridging source.  This tool is used to verify who has tokens and who does not.  Special features and in-game options will be made available to those who do have  US$10 worth of Golden sporadically.

Visit the official Golden Inuverse website,, to join in on the play-to-earn action today.

Prediction on Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) Token Value for 2024

The obvious prediction for the Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) tokens after the release of this game is that it will see an upward trend in the near future. More players mean a higher daily transaction volume for the coin, which should add to the branding value. Exact estimations on token value increases should come soon as various crypto analysts study the token’s history.

In layman’s terms, the $GOLDEN BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens are envisioned to increase in value in early 2024.

This game is a major step forward for Golden Inu in its rivalry against Shiba Inu ($SHIB). This game could catalyse the tokens’ following and incite many memecoin followers to get in on $GOLDEN tokens.

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