Bitget Wallet Adds Support for Tokens on The Avalanche Chain on Bitget Swap

Bitget Wallet Adds Support for Tokens on The Avalanche Chain on Bitget Swap

Leading Web3 trading wallet Bitget Wallet (previously BitKeep Wallet) has expanded its integrated swap tool, Bitget Swap, to now accommodate tokens on the Avalanche chain.

After this integration, users’ mobile wallets and browser extensions will display detailed on-chain transaction information along with data from live candlestick charts. Important data, including capital and liquidity flow and transaction records, will be visible to users. Moreover, users on the Avalanche blockchain can see token leaderboards, providing them with a thorough understanding of the chain’s performance in the market.

Bitget Wallet has compiled more than ten of the top trade protocols available on Avalanche, such as 1inch, SushiSwap V2, and Trader Joe. It facilitates same-chain and cross-chain transactions for Avalanche mainnet coins by constructing cross-chain bridges and integrating protocols such as Swft and Bungee. This provides users with a quick, easy, and gas-free on-chain trading experience.

At the moment, Bitget Swap includes hundreds of well-known DEXs and cross-chain bridges while supporting about 30 different blockchains. Having pioneered helpful trading features such as gas-free transactions and automatic slippage correction, users may expect to simply trade any assets on any blockchain and have a hassle-free trading experience.

Bitget Wallet has always been at the forefront of industry innovation; it was the first to introduce the functionality of on-chain market data. It offers candlestick market data based on full-chain DEX trading data and keeps improving its technology to improve the user experience as a whole.

The current intelligent market data feature includes a multi-dimensional market rankings that provides information on hot, new, and potential tokens across the chain, price fluctuation, and trading lists. It also includes a full-chain market overview that lets users see the macro dynamics of the market and hot sectors. Additionally, it has a brand-new “Smart Money” function that tracks and identifies hundreds of historically successful “Smart Money” addresses, exposing the trading strategies of whales and professional investors. By utilizing tried-and-true trading techniques, these features let users find new assets and seize trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market sooner and help them make educated trading decisions.

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