Bitget Wallet Unveils its ‘Smart Money’ feature, an advanced AI tool designed to refine trading strategies

Bitget Wallet Unveils its 'Smart Money' feature, an advanced AI tool designed to refine trading strategies

Bitget Wallet, formerly known as BitKeep Wallet, is the top Web3 trading wallet in the world. Recently, it introduced its ‘Smart Money’ function, a sophisticated tool for improving trading tactics. This solution uses cutting-edge AI technology to process and analyze on-chain data in real time with great rigour. It performs safety checks and finds and tracks over 6,000 Smart Money addresses on Ethereum that have historically performed well. These addresses are associated with traders who are well-known for their expertise and strategic thinking and whose trades often predict significant trends in the market. To greatly expand its user base, Bitget Wallet is also preparing to provide the Smart Money feature to other blockchains, including BNB Chain, Solana, Polygon, and Avalanche.

The Smart Money function has been painstakingly designed to provide individual traders with clear and timely trading signals in addition to market dynamics. It provides all the information that is currently available about the Smart Money addresses that are trading. This gives traders instant access to trading signal alerts and contains the trading cryptocurrency, transaction prices and volumes, and the number of holding addresses. Moreover, customers may quickly access this data via their smartphone app, just like when they browse via social media feeds. This allows individuals to track the movements of Smart Money, understand trading earnings and losses in real time, absorb trading tactics from whales and experienced investors, and ultimately find new chances for on-chain trading.

Bitget Swap, the on-chain trading function of Bitget Wallet, exhibits remarkable strength by combining the liquidity of hundreds of popular DEXs and cross-chain bridges while supporting almost 30 mainnets. It successfully resolves prevalent on-chain trading problems like excessive slippage and gas tokens, giving users a platform to trade any asset freely on any network—a feature that can only be surpassed by centralized exchanges.

Discussing the ethos behind the product, Alvin Kan, Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, remarked, “The crypto market’s pronounced volatility and asymmetry, coupled with an extensive array of investment categories, pose a formidable challenge for ordinary investors to access the informational and resource privileges enjoyed by a select Smart Money few.” He further elucidated, “Our mission is to empower users to preemptively discern market trends, promptly uncover investment opportunities, and consequently bridge the gap between ordinary investors and Smart Money.”

While swap functionality may also be available in other wallets, Bitget Wallet is the leader in the introduction and ongoing improvement of on-chain market data. In addition to compiling multi-dimensional market leaderboards and full-chain trends, its intelligent market data feature has advanced significantly with the addition of the Smart Money function—a feature that is uncommon in the majority of wallets available today.

Intelligent market data’s primary utility is its capacity to help users find new assets and trading possibilities. Alvin went into detail about the importance of this function: “By using the Smart Money feature, we’re not only keeping an eye on token prices as they rise and fall or gauging when to sell based on selling patterns. More significantly, it makes it possible for us to recognize the new trends and assets that are emerging—that is, the new opportunities in Web 3. Our goal is to give customers access to a wide range of on-chain assets and reliable on-chain trading services so they can take advantage of these new opportunities.”

CeFi and DeFi are combined into an integrated ecosystem by Bitget Wallet and Bitget Exchange. Following the tenets of “Intelligent Trading,” Bitget Exchange uses cutting-edge tools like artificial intelligence (AI) to make cryptocurrency trading more intelligent. Expert traders can share their well-developed and validated trading techniques on this site, making it easy and quick for novices to copy them. By applying techniques that were previously only available to professional investors, this method creates a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

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