Over 25% of Mollars Presale Tokens Acquired As SHIB Plunges — The ‘New Bitcoin’ For 2024?

Over 25% of Mollars Presale Tokens Acquired As SHIB Plunges — The 'New Bitcoin' For 2024?

Shiba Inu holders are still waiting for prices to explode. Perhaps the next step for the token to grow in value is through the brand’s growth into TLD domains. The $SHIB token’s producers want to use domain names to identify ‘unidentifiable’ people behind transactions with an anonymous “.shib” address.  However, that plan has caught a ‘snag’ as it requires unanimous ICANN approval, and for now, the ‘buzz’ of the idea and taking early registrations aren’t catalysts for growth. Shiba Inu (SHIB) token’s price has fallen to a 7-day low.

Today, the $SHIB token price is $0.00001031. Less than a week ago, the meme coin, formerly on the Ethereum blockchain, burned that last zero, reaching a price of $0.0000112.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Token on a 7-Day Downward Trend

The Dogecoin Killer is now on a 7-day downward trend, with many analysts and ‘Shibarmy’ members speculating that the token may never return to previous heights. The meme coin brand’s developers continue to make ‘shiny innovations’ that mean little to the overall crypto world in reality.

The almighty SHIB Burn has picked up its daily averages over the last few months, compared to last year, but is also in a downward trend.   In another attempt to boost the Shiba Inu coin’s price, over 410 trillion tokens have been burned.

With the downward spiral, crypto wallet analysts have been eyeing the movement of $SHIB holders to find where the Dogecoin Killer’s supporters are finding fresh opportunities.

Where Are Shib holders Going Next?

One high-potential opportunity Shiba Inu holders are migrating to is the Mollar’s initial coin offering.  The ‘new Bitcoin’ for the Ethereum world, this store of value asset will be a store-of-value [SOV] crypto asset like $BTC that saves $ETH and ERC-20 token holders money.

As Bitcoin’s fees have reached unfavourable 2-year highs, crossing chains to buy the SOV token has become expensive for Ethereum holders. The solution for this is “Mollars.”

Mollars Will Save Dollars For Ethereum Blockchain’s Traders

$ETH and Ethereum blockchain tokens holders can now get the same store-of-value features of Bitcoin (BTC) without going to another network.  $MOLLARS tokens save dollars; A slogan anticipating crypto traders are using to describe the new cryptocurrency. 

Mollars will be a SOV token with less than half the total supply of Bitcoin and total decentralization. There will be no owner, nor will the founder or developers be gifted tokens in ‘secret wallets’ like Shiba Inu and Solana have been exposed for practising in the past.  This means no market manipulation from sudden token dumps by ‘mystery whales,’  who were in fact founders or developers behind a crypto brand.

The total supply of Mollars to be minted is 10,000,000 tokens. Just under half or 4-Million tokens will be sold during this Initial Coin Offering.

To put things into perspective of how limited the token is, Bitcoin ($BTC) has a 21-million max supply of coins to be minted.

Such a low supply, maximizing scarcity of Mollars, could drive the token’s value to extremely high numbers.  Various crypto site analysts are predicting a 100x increase in value before 2024’s end.

Nearly 25% of Premier Round’s ICO Tokens Now Sold

A single $Mollars can be purchased for US$.30 (cents) during their private sale at The Initial Coin Offering event has sold nearly 25% of its stage 1 tokens, with daily buys increasing.

Daily presale numbers are expected to grow even further as traders’ Dollar Cost Averaging [DCAing] into the project continue to compound. 

One post on the cryptocurrency’s subreddit confirms various traders will be continuing to buy. Some of those professed ICO holders even expect the presale to end before February 2024 as ‘buys’ continue to compound.

After the first round, $MOLLARS prices will increase by 10 cents. Holders will have to pay US$0.40 per token, possibly a big motivator to why many traders are DCA’ing now.

Today’s Mollars investors will see nearly a 100% ROI upon the token’s listing on a public crypto exchange. After it reaches the hard cap of this ICO sale, the whitepapers state it will go live on a CEX at the price of 0.62 cents.

Predictions of Massive Price Increase in 2024

However, this price will likely increase greatly if analysts’ predictions are correct.

Using $BTC historical data and Ethereum blockchain user stats compiled together, trader analysts suggest the 6-million remaining $MOLLARS will be sold before the 2024 year-end.

If the total max supply is sold, like Bitcoin, Mollars will begin to be sold in fractions. Whereas the $BTC buyers get ‘Satoshis’ today, $MOLLARS buyers will buy “Molls” in the future.

Dramatic usage of the Store-of-Value token will increase prices alongside demand. As the price rises, starting with a million-dollars-liquidity pool, it’s sure to drive market interests into a ‘hyper cycle.’   The ranking on coin indexes and crypto exchanges could explode throughout the year.

$2,000,000 Hardcap — Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering funds will be used to fund that million-dollar liquidity pool, giving Mollars a stable future. Alongside the LP, token presale funds will also be used to generate a web3 product that’s a ‘catalyst’ for $MOLLARS growth and hire a professional marketing team to increase brand value, equity, and product awareness.

Learn more about Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Mollars (MOLLARS) via their respective Reddit communities or search for the latest on Google News.

Purchase $MOLLARS tokens via their website (, a private exchange, during this first ICO round to own whole tokens at their lowest projected price.

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