Nitsa Nakos Creates Synergy With Network Marketing

Nitsa Nakos Creates Synergy With Network Marketing

Not many can claim they have a system to create millionaires; even fewer are millionaires by the time they turn thirty-two. Nitsa Nakos is an exception, but she does not want to be. Her leadership in the network marketing profession has enabled her to elevate twenty-seven individuals to millionaire status. A gifted communicator and advocate of conscious leadership, Nakos is spreading her message through her work with Synergy Global.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Nakos worked her way up from the bottom. She started her first restaurant at eighteen and was running several others by the time she turned twenty-five. It was that year she discovered her true passion, network marketing, and made her career shift. Nakos calls network marketing the profession you can choose for yourself. She loved the freedom it offered her and felt fulfilled building a powerful network of peers.

Nakos knew network marketing was her future and wanted to bring it to the masses. She found a new purpose as a coach, aiding others with her business and expertise. She has helped thousands of people reach financial independence. Her speaking engagements have attracted thousands in forty different countries.

Outside of network marketing, Nakos is a humanitarian and angel investor. Her investments include community and environmental-based initiatives. Nakos has taken great pride in developing the non-profit branch of Synergy Global called Synergy in Motion. Through Synergy in Motion, she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Venezuelan children during the country’s currency collapse. Nakos also works with orphanages in Africa and is currently helping to build schools for underprivileged and undereducated children.

The undercurrent of Nakos’ work is promoting better consciousness. She refers to herself as a vibration person- someone who disrupts toxic thinking by simply being themselves. Network marketing has empowered her to be independent, and she hopes to bring this freedom to as many others as possible. Working against the corporate culture of greed, control, and competitiveness to create a world where we celebrate each other’s successes is Nakos’ ultimate goal. By encouraging conscious leadership and financial independence, Nakos shows people how they can improve the world.

Nitsa Nakos envisions a world where she is not an outlier but one of many independently wealthy people living their best lives. She is a leader in network marketing and a leader in higher consciousness. Her coaching is helping to create a new generation of soul and mission-driven entrepreneurs who branch out to help the world instead of gaining unnecessary power. Nakos is succeeding in her mission of improving the world and the lives of others.

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