Alkimi Debuts Mainnet, Ushering In A New Era For Programmatic Advertising

Alkimi Debuts Mainnet, Ushering In A New Era For Programmatic Advertising

Alkimi, a blockchain-based advertising exchange, is happy to announce the launch of its long-awaited mainnet, offering users a more streamlined and profitable approach to ad management and revenue generation.

The launch of the mainnet marks a new era in digital advertising, offering a digital ledger, a custom consensus, and a node platform to users. Excited to exit the beta stage, Alkimi now has advertisers and publishers selling and buying inventory through its blockchain-based programmatic platform.

Following the mainnet launch, Alkimi will deliver performance enhancement,  greater efficiency, and transparency for the digital advertising space. 

The mainnet launch brings with it a new level of clarity and accountability for advertisers and media agencies. For publishers, the mainnet presents a more streamlined and profitable approach with a higher proportion of the advertiser dollars being passed on to them. 

Since its launch, the platform has helped cut advertising fees from over 37% to between 3-5%. The cost of buying ads has also reduced to $2.71 from $9.03. These changes have granted advertisers 212% more media access and an increase in ad campaign performance by 19%.

While commenting on the launch, Ben Putley, Alkimi CEO and Co-Founder, explained: 

 “I am thrilled to announce the launch of Alkimi Exchange’s mainnet, a pivotal moment in our journey to digital advertising. In 2023, the digital ad spend is projected to be $678.9 billion, signifying the immense potential of this market. Alkimi Exchange will capture this potential by bringing a significant portion of digital ad spend on-chain via our exchange AlEx.”

Notably, one of the key features of the mainnet is the Liquidity Staking Derivative (LSD). Using LSD users will now be able to join a liquidity pool on Balancer. Users will be able to stake their LP tokens (stADS) on, the user portal. In addition, the feature offers users the opportunity to yield farms on the mainnet.

Built on Ethereum, Alkimi exchange is a custom layer 2 scaling solution specifically designed for advertising. Alkimi’s mission is to restore the value between publishers, advertisers, and users. The platform will continue to harness blockchain to provide infinite scalability, faster transactions at a low transaction fee, and complete transparency.

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