Tokyo Beast Announces Crypto Entertainment Project at Korea Blockchain Week Conference

Tokyo Beast Announces Crypto Entertainment Project at Korea Blockchain Week Conference

Tokyo Beast FZCO, a Dubai-based company, has taken the stage at the Korea Blockchain Week conference in Seoul to announce its crypto entertainment project, “Tokyo Beast.”

The project, created in partnership with renowned Japanese developer Gumi Inc. and technology advisory firm Turingum K.K., will provide the crypto industry with a unique blend of blockchain technology and captivating gameplay, utilizing the Polygon network.

Following its design, “TOKYO BEAST” is set to redefine entertainment by integrating crypto assets seamlessly into its ecosystem. The project focuses on pure gaming enjoyment, ensuring a smooth, barrier-free experience. This includes eliminating hurdles like initial NFT purchases and wallet connections, making it accessible to Web3 enthusiasts and casual smartphone gamers.

TOKYO BEAST Unveils Live Streaming Event with Polygon

As the “TOKYO BEAST” world expands, crypto enthusiasts and gamers eagerly await its official launch in 2024. Hence, it will hold a live-streaming event with Polygon to keep enthusiasts informed about the project.

Per the announcement, Polygon and TOKYO BEAST will join forces to host a live streaming event titled “Polygon × TOKYO BEAST Livestreaming” on September 8, 2023. This event will feature prominent speakers from both organizations and promises to shed more light on this exciting partnership.

Moreover, TOKYO BEAST will host an “Early Entry Campaigns” series until October 31, 2023, to mark the thrilling development. Users who follow the official X account can participate in these campaigns and have a chance to win “Mystery Boxes” containing “TOKYO BEAST” tokens and NFTs. With campaigns like “Follow Me,” “Weekly Prediction,” and “Strike Jackpot,” there are numerous opportunities to get involved

TOKYO BEAST and Its Ecosystem

It is important to note that “TOKYO BEAST” isn’t just about in-game assets; it’s also a treasure trove of NFT collections. It will feature interactive characters that will be cherished in-game and as visually stunning and rare NFTs, transcending borders and languages.

It also features a legitimate win/loss prediction function, allowing users to predict battle outcomes using real-time data. These battles will be streamed globally, allowing users to share the excitement with others worldwide.

Nonetheless, behind the project is an impressive team featuring industry veterans renowned for their work on iconic Japanese games. The team revealed that the global launch of several modular projects is set for 2024. The project will debut additional module projects in the future to further enrich the “TOKYO BEAST” universe and enhance the utility of the “$TBZ” token.

Nonetheless, In 2024, “TOKYO BEAST” is set to release several core module projects worldwide. These include “BASE,” which offers a unique economy for the “$TBZ” token, “FARM” for cultivating “BEAST” as NFT data, and “TRIALS,” an adventure where users become heroes.

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