SCRATS meme coin and Justin Sun’s announcement

SCRATS meme coin and Justin Sun's announcement

About Scrats

SCRATS is guided by the vision of creating a unique and exciting meme coin that combines the beloved character Scratus’s popularity with the TRON blockchain’s innovative capabilities.

Scratch’s universal appeal and recognition among viewers worldwide make it possible to leverage this popularity in the world of cryptocurrencies. By associating SCRATS with the iconic Scrat character, the project aims to create a coin that stands out from the crowd and resonates with a wide audience.

Participate in the listing on the P2B exchange, which starts on August 14!

Justin Sun’s support for meme coins on TRON

As expressed in his post, Justin Sun supports meme coins on the TRON blockchain, which has further strengthened confidence in the project. His commitment to listing meme coins for free on exchanges such as Huobi and Poloniex is a perfect fit for achieving recognition, visibility, and accessibility for SCRATS.

Incredible support, financial assistance, reimbursement of expenses and an incredibly large number of privileges for the TRON blockchain meme coin! Therefore, this is an opportunity and a confident step into the cryptocurrency world and the future. Become a part of the world-famous SCRATS meme coin!

Project mission

To create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem that delights users and achieves widespread recognition in the cryptocurrency and blockchain. With the combination of Scrat’s popularity, TRON blockchain technology, and NFT’s creative capabilities, the project believes that SCRATS has the potential to stand out and become a globally recognized name in the world of meme coins and blockchain technology.

The project plans to launch a decentralized exchange DEX on the TRON platform according to the innovations. The next step will be listing on p2b and Mexc or Bitmart. And this is just the beginning; negotiations on the project’s listing on other exchanges are ongoing, and SCATS is just half a step to world fame!


Location: Armenia/Vanadzor

Contact CEO: Vahe Aramyan


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