BTC Battles Launches Polygon-based Decentralized Social Game

BTC Battles Launches Polygon-based Decentralized Social Game

BTC Battles proudly presents its decentralized social game, BTC Battles, built on the Polygon network. It is a brand-new and fascinating social game incorporating DeFi, Bitcoin, and prediction aspects. BTC Battles gives players a decentralized, open-source gaming environment where they can pay using their digital wallets. This eliminates the requirement for a centralized platform, which should significantly lessen the burden on people who have been affected by centralized organizations that have failed in the past.

The goal of the decentralized social game is simple: within a time limit of 60 seconds, players must predict whether the price of Bitcoin will increase or fall. If a prediction is correct, there will be a payout in the form of a $MATIC-denominated cash prize, as decided by the odds for each round. Those who want to keep an eye on charts will love this game.

Transactions are now made using the $MATIC currency as a result of the game’s distribution on the Polygon network. The use of Polygon aids in the decentralization of the game industry as well, especially when bitcoin users look for ways to interact with DeFi systems without relying on centralized organizations. Those who support decentralization will find the game to be quite gratifying.

Smart contracts on the Polygon blockchain network power the entire system. As a result, prizes are instantly distributed to each player’s digital wallet, simplifying the game for everyone who plays. Additionally, this suggests a degree of openness regarding the execution transactions, giving participants peace of mind that no centralized authority secretly controls the game.

With its ease of use and speed, BTC Battles provides lovers of gaming platforms in the Web2 environment with an excellent experience. Players can now focus entirely on the games with the assurance that their transactions will be handled efficiently. This addresses a key issue that players on other comparable platforms have, where there are no performance guarantees, frequently resulting in a bad gaming experience.

The BTC Battles administration claims that users who are concerned about the security of their money on the site should not be as concerned because the renowned Certik auditing organization has evaluated the game’s smart contracts. Audits by Certik have been performed on well-known cryptocurrency platforms and protocols as Polygon, 1 Inch Network, and PancakeSwap. People will be able to use the platform more regularly with the guarantee of safety, leading to faster financial advantages than waiting for the value of various tokens to rise.

Numerous participants are already embracing the advantages and prospects offered by the platform. What caused your delay, exactly? Take advantage of what might be the most important opportunity on Polygon in recent years by participating without thinking twice. Enjoy the accurate price prediction of $BTC in safety right now with BTC Battles!

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