DigiToads presale sets the bar high with $6.7 million raised as SHIB continues to rally for second consecutive day

Soundest Staking Tokens: DigiToads (TOADS), ADA & Ankr (ANKR)

After a few years of trying to beat Dogecoin at its own game, SHIB may be forging its own identity. The irony is that even in that pivot, SHIB will lack originality as DigiToads already adds utility to the meme coin landscape.

This pivot has given SHIB a temporary surge. It is evident that users are hungry for new solutions, and any such announcement by a significant coin can cause waves. The distinction comes in a project’s ability to implement bold claims and create enduring interest. 

DigiToads seeks to achieve that from the onset. The project is both a gaming ecosystem and a fun meme coin. Accordingly, holders are streaming in with the presale raising over $6.7 million. DigiToads is concluding its presale on 15th August 2023 as it gears for launch on 21st August 2023.

SHIB looks to become more serious

Dogecoin had a great run as the first meme coin to gain mainstream attention. Shiba Inu launched in August 2020, amid peak Dogecoin mania, aiming to unseat the meme coin king. It takes Dogecoin’s likeness in lacking utility and a roadmap, and even the iconic Shiba Inu dog logo. SHIB had significant success but is still behind the DOGE.

Well, the script looks to be changing. The second largest meme coin has announced plans to develop its blockchain and look to revive interest. Shiba Inu has abandoned the default plan of copying and usurping Dogecoin. Interestingly, Shiba Inu has also claimed to be developing an Ethereum Layer-2 solution called Shibarium. These pronouncements have seen SHIB significantly surge, even as the market watches for what’s next.

DigiToads is ahead as a utility memecoin

SHIB could be late to this party too. DigiToads is a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that also has a meme coin angle. The game centres around digital toads fighting for their precious ecosystem.

The toads provide fascinating avatars for the meme aspect of the game. Toads are resilient and adventurous, and the gameplay brings out these aspects in its players. Besides the fun, players have a real chance to gain from their gameplay and create value.

DigiToads is launching on 21st August 2023, promising to revitalise meme coins. The current token price of $0.050 is a fantastic opportunity for those looking for a token with tremendous upside.

The launch price of $0.055 will take the gains to 450%. Such returns add optimism even before market forces propel the project. DigiToads can become one of the year’s best stories when it launches later this month.

Notably, users can also mint and stake NFT collectibles. Staking NFTs is an exciting opportunity as users earn a small percentage of TOADS tokens transaction fees. This secondary dimension to the project indicates the work that went into development. Staking will be available from 21st August 2023, and minting has already started at


SHIB has pivoted to what DigiToads conceived from the start. There is a ceiling to being a Dogecoin copycat, as a replica cannot be better than the original. Instead, there is more room for growth in charting your course.

DigiToads launches on 21st August 2023 to release a wholesome and tested project. Gamers can turn their fun gaming activity into a potentially lucrative affair. The possibility of staking NFTs adds an extra dimension to an exciting project.

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