Web3 Startup Bunzz Releases ‘DeCipher’ to Facilitate Web3 Development with AI-powered Smart Contract Documentation

Web3 Startup Bunzz Releases 'DeCipher' to Facilitate Web3 Development with AI-powered Smart Contract Documentation

Following efforts to redefine web3 development, Singapore-based web3-startup, Bunzz has announced  the launch of its revolutionary AI-powered tool, “DeCipher.”

According to its design, DeCipher aims to transform the process of generating Smart Contract documentation, providing a game-changing solution for developers, traders, and business owners in the web3 space. With DeCipher, users can now effortlessly create comprehensive documents from almost all Smart Contracts existing on various Blockchains with just a single click.

Basically, it opens up new opportunities for developers looking to build new DApps based on existing contracts, traders and investors seeking to understand complex DeFi protocols and web3 product owners wanting to enhance their understanding and control over their contracts.

What sets DeCipher apart is its ability to support almost all blockchains, making it an invaluable resource for DApp cloning and research, ultimately promoting the mass adoption of web3 technologies. Moreover, DeCipher’s AI capabilities enable it to learn contract vulnerability patterns, offering the potential for an LLM-based auditing tool.

Notably, the tool utilizes advanced AI models, ChatGPT3.5 and 4, specifically fine-tuned for Smart Contract analysis, resulting in an impressively accurate and precise “Smart Contract-specialized GPT.” This unique data processing algorithm is undergoing patent processing, highlighting Bunzz’s commitment to cutting-edge technology.

DeCipher Debuts User-Friendly Chrome Extension

To further enhance the user experience, DeCipher has also launched a Chrome Extension, allowing users to view documents directly within Block Explorer with a simple click of the generate button. Unlike Etherscan’s Code Reader, DeCipher’s Extension is free and compatible with major Block Explorers.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that DeCipher’s advantages extend beyond Smart Contract analysis. Developers can easily generate documentation by copying and pasting the contract’s URL or access it conveniently through the Bunzz Chrome Extension. The Bunzz CLI further empowers developers by enabling them to edit and deploy contracts after analysis, promoting seamless and efficient product development.

However, DeCipher’s ambition goes beyond being a mere development tool. By providing contract data in a machine-readable format, it aims to create an ecosystem where various AI services can connect through its “Machine-Readable Contract Layer,” envisioning a future where AI and blockchain seamlessly interact.

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