Tradecurve Sells Another 20M Tokens as Curve Finance and BNB See Drops

Tradecurve Sells Another 20M Tokens as Curve Finance and BNB See Drops

This week, Curve Finance suffered a 20% drop due to an exploit, and BNB has faced a Smart Chain Vyper attack. Amidst these negative developments, Tradecurve stands apart after successfully selling another 20 million tokens during its ongoing presale phase. Let’s digest each of these events.

Tradecurve (TCRV) Sells 20M Tokens In Presale Phase 4

Tradecurve is making waves in the crypto trading community after completing its fourth presale phase, where over 100 million TCRV tokens were sold at $0.018 each. Now in the fifth phase, the tokens are going for $0.025, and over 20 million have already been snapped up in a matter of days.

But what’s behind the buzz? Tradecurve is an innovative trading platform that seeks to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges, positioning itself as the first hybrid exchange. It has managed to combine the best features of both worlds to create a platform that appeals to a wide range of traders.

One of Tradecurve’s unique selling points is its ability to offer trading across various asset classes. Users can manage all their trades under one roof, whether it’s cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, or company stocks.

But that’s not all. Tradecurve aims to reduce the barriers to entry for many traders by eliminating tedious KYC/AML procedures, making it easier to get started. Users can register with just an email address and start trading with a simple cryptocurrency deposit.

With all these attributes, it’s no surprise that analysts see Tradecurve as a potential challenger to established players like Binance and Kraken. The future looks promising, and many expect the TCRV tokens to appreciate significantly beyond $1.00 in the long run.

Curve Finance (CRV) Exploit Causes 20% Drop Amid Tradecurve (TCRV) 150% Pump

On July 30, Curve Finance faced a significant security breach that rattled the DeFi community. A malfunction in the reentrancy locks on several versions of the Vyper programming language allowed malicious actors to exploit Curve Finance pools, leading to estimated losses of around $47 million.

The incident didn’t merely affect Curve Finance. Several other DeFi protocols – like the BNB Smart Chain – that utilized the vulnerable versions of Vyper were also exploited.

In a remarkable twist, a white hat hacker (an ethical hacker who uses their skills for good) managed to intercept the exploit. The hacker successfully retrieved approximately 2,879 Ether, worth around $5.4 million, from the initial exploiter.

The price of Curve Finance responded negatively to this exploit, with a drop from $0.74 to $0.4850 occurring within 48 hours of the CRV exploit. The rebound to $0.56 shows that some buyers have stepped in, but the market still has some healing to do.

In the same time frame, Tradecurve sold another 20M tokens, a move that shows how much anticipation and confidence adherents hold in this burgeoning protocol.

BNB Vyper Attack Shows the Importance of Regular Audits

The copycat attacks on BNB Chain exploiting the vulnerability in the Vyper programming language emphasize the broader security implications that such weaknesses can have across different blockchains.

The reported theft of $73,000 worth of cryptocurrencies on the BNB chain might seem modest in comparison to other major breaches, but it serves as a critical reminder of the importance of robust security protocols, continual monitoring, and regular audits.

That’s why Tradecurve has conducted a full audit of its protocol and passed a comprehensive security review from Cyberscope. This audit can be viewed by anyone via the Tradecurve website.

BNB was already trending downward, and this exploit further affected the market sentiment and pushed the price to $235. Analysts note that BNB will likely remain bearish, but the $200 price point should be solid support.

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