Developers can now deploy Space and Time data warehouse directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Developers can now deploy Space and Time data warehouse directly from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Renowned digital computing firm Microsoft announced today that it had entered a new collaboration with Space and Time to integrate infrastructures that would enhance the deployment of blockchain-native data at a go.

Following the collaboration, developers can deploy Space and Time’s decentralized data warehouse directly from the Azure Marketplace. This new integration will allow users to access, manage, and perform analytics on blockchain-native data in a streamlined way, giving customers an accelerated on-ramp to onboard large volumes of enterprise data to smart contracts.

Microsoft Azure Marketplace Incorporates Space and Time

The integration between Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Space and Time allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of a decentralized data warehouse without rearchitecting their existing infrastructure. This means that enterprises can now build on the blockchain while maintaining their computing power and security without sacrificing. The integration also offers a comprehensive set of Microsoft Azure cloud services and industry-leading identity and security capabilities, giving users a trusted set of services and tools to develop Web3 applications in this new era of ubiquitous computing.

Microsoft is committed to supporting its customers and partners with their business needs, including Web3 scenarios and use cases, as a leader in intelligent computing and AI. To prove this commitment, Microsoft’s venture capital fund, M12, led a funding round for Space and Time in September 2022. The one-click deployment of Space and Time on the Azure Marketplace offers developers a trustless intermediary to onboard large volumes of enterprise data to smart contracts quickly and easily, along with new use cases for indexed blockchain data.

Kathleen Mitford, CVP of Global Industry Marketing, commented on the partnership: “At Microsoft, we are empowering growth across emerging markets, including blockchain and distributed data. Together, Microsoft Azure and Space and Time will provide developers with the tools they need to build the next generation of blockchain use cases.”

On the other hand, Space and Time is a prominent Web3 data warehousing firm which has integrated real-time indexed data from major blockchains with off-chain datasets provided by customers. The company’s hybrid transactional and analytic (HTAP) data warehouse comes pre-loaded with free real-time indexed blockchain data. Customers can effortlessly incorporate the Space and Time data warehouse into their existing enterprise infrastructure with a one-click deployment option. The deployment can produce novel use cases for base-layer blockchains and decentralized application developers by connecting blockchain data to Azure Compute.

Space and Time CEO and Co-Founder Nate Holiday emphasized the importance of verifiable data across blockchains, enterprises, and AI, noting that his company’s service allows enterprises to integrate blockchain data into their business processes and applications. Holiday expressed excitement about the extended collaboration with Microsoft, highlighting its ability to connect enterprise data assets with blockchain and AI innovation.

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