Multiversx and Decentraland provide “clear trading signals” according to Avorak AI beta testers

Multiversx and Decentraland provide "clear trading signals" according to Avorak AI beta testers

If you haven’t heard, AI cryptocurrency is the next big thing. Frankly, with projects like Avorak already showing promising capability with its recent beta testing, it’s already here. Avorak Trade utilizes a powerful algorithm to pick up on key price action indicators, allowing users to place trades and net profit ahead of the game. Of course, you could infuse your own painstaking time and analysis to find these trends, but why exert all that energy when cryptocurrency experts have already pooled their talents virtually for you? Interested to learn more about what the latest cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence cryptocurrency project has tipped? Read on!

MultiversX News: Movement predicted 

MultiversX is ready to solve future problems, namely the capacity that will be required to power future metaverses. MultiversX boasts 1000x throughput of existing blockchains in anticipation of mass adoption when the technology is prepared to launch. Its native token, EGLD, may well be a wise acquisition. Avorak Trade Beta recently signalled that ongoing price compression could foreshadow an uptick soon. We will be monitoring the Beta for further MultiversX news and price action. 

Decentraland News: A promising first quarter boosts holders’ confidence 

Another project mentioned by Avorak Trade is Decentraland. In the near future, when multiverses become readily available, there will inevitably be a fiercely-fought battle for adoption. Experts, along with Avorak Trade, are indicating that Decentraland may well come out on top. Is Decentraland a good asset? Certainly, if this is the case. Here is why: The clue is in the name! Decentraland is an entirely decentralized VR world powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Virtual land, property, and assets purchased in the world are owned entirely by players rather than relying on riskier third parties. This level of transparency is attractive. Decentraland had a great start to the year, more than doubling in price between December ($0.29) and January ($0.80). This price point has notably held well, settling around $0.60 today.

AI Crypto project Avorak showing early promise in Beta testing 

Time will tell if Avorak Trade has made smart choices. Of course, another clever option is to instil in Avorak itself, following the initial success of its Beta mode. Alongside Avorak Trade providing opportunity insight, Avorak features a whole suite of AI options to help streamline users’ everyday experiences. Avorak Bot is capable of placing trades for you based on data provided by Avorak Trade, saving users valuable time and accumulating yield effortlessly. Avorak also has AI chat functions (Avorak Chat) and a digital creative generator for images and text (Avorak Create and Avorak Write). The ICO is live now.

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