TON Diamonds Partners With Four Top Artists To Showcase Cutting-Edge Digital Pieces At The Focus Art Fair In New York

TON Diamonds Partners With Four Top Artists To Showcase Cutting-Edge Digital Pieces At The Focus Art Fair In New York

TON Diamonds, a curated marketplace and auction powerhouse, announced its partnership with four visionary digital artists to showcase their work on the TON Blockchain.

During the Focus Art Fair, this partnership seeks to showcase the cutting-edge artworks of Yonk (Sarah McDaniel), Ellen Sheidlin, Shane Fu, and Reeps100 (Harry Yeff) & Trung Bao. Focus Art Fair is a high-end art event in the heart of New York scheduled to start from May 18 to May 21, 2023. In addition, the unique NFT pieces will also be available for auction exclusively on the TON Diamonds platform. 

Notably, the concept for the exhibition is “The Flow of Consciousness: Exploring the Intersection of Art, Technology, and Spirituality.” The event brings these four artists together, allowing audiences to explore their interpretation of technology, spirituality, and art. Audiences will also look to interpret them in light of these aspects contributing to man’s understanding of themselves and the world around them. The four are best known for providing artwork that offers a rich tapestry of ideas that enable viewers to explore the essence of human consciousness. In a nutshell, the work provides a glimpse into the nature of human beings, complex emotions, and transcending language and culture.   

A former model, Yonk is a rising multimedia artist working with 2D, live-action, and stop motion which is married to CGI. Her work has been featured in music videos for artists such as Mark Ronson, G-Eazy, Mark Ronson, and Kevin Parker. Ellen’s works have placed her among the top figures in survirtualism, an emerging art movement that fuses elements of virtuality, realism, and dreamscapes to create a new form of expression.

Also known as Reeps100, Harry Yeff is best known for voice and tech-based expression. He has over 15 years of experience exploring the intersection of audio and virtual cultures to help transform vocal music into tangible forms, including sculptures, photography, and film. Lastly, Shane creates a mesmerizing collection of hyperreal artwork by combining his mathematics and computer graphics interests. 

Based on TON Blockchain, TON Diamonds has been a pioneering platform allowing different artists to release their artworks as NFTs. The platform leverage TON Blockchain’s cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between conventional art and the digital realm. In addition to world-famous digital creators, TON Diamonds is home to art enthusiasts and collectors seeking to acquire unique and exclusive digital artworks. 

TON diamond has played a crucial part in democratizing the art industry by leveraging NFTs and blockchain technologies to open new opportunities for artist to expand their reach. Since its launch, the platform has seen significant growth gaining over 160,000 unique visors from many countries, including Belarus, German, USA, and more. The platform has a trading volume of 1,848,765 TON and a daily volume of $2,779.95 at the exchange rate. 

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