LGND Music Revolutionizes Music Streaming with Blockchain Technology and Digital Collectibles

LGND Music Revolutionizes Music Streaming with Blockchain Technology and Digital Collectibles

LGND Music, a new player in the music industry, has announced a revolutionary approach to music streaming that combines blockchain technology and digital collectibles. The platform seeks to empower artists and fans, providing new levels of transparency, accessibility, and flexibility in music ownership.

They offer an innovative approach to music ownership by allowing users to own both physical and virtual vinyl of their favourite music, providing a new level of flexibility. The platform’s high-res version of Music Digital Collectibles, Virtual Vinyl, enables artists to connect directly with their fans and capture a higher sale share while ensuring royalty payments.

In addition to its unique approach to music ownership, LGND Music is also changing the game for artist-fan interaction. The platform’s digital collectibles will bring fans closer to their favourite artists with the opportunity for meet and greets backstage passes, and other IRL experiences. This is a significant departure from the traditional model, where fans are limited to simply listening to their favourite music and have limited opportunities for personal interaction with artists.

With LGND Music, artists can create a Web3-based community of fans, and fans can directly support their favourite artists while also gaining access to exclusive experiences. This strengthens the bond between artists and fans and helps artists monetize their music and build a sustainable career. The music industry is long due for a revolution, and LGND Music is leading the change with its innovative approach to music ownership and artist-fan interaction.

The LGND Music platform is a one-stop-shop for digital music collectibles, and users will be able to purchase and play their music digital collectibles on any other existing platform or blockchain.

Open to including any music genre from any location and aiming to be a global music brand, the platform will allow users to discover new music styles through playlists and music discovery features.

LGND Music has exclusive partnerships with Warner Music and Spinnin’ Records, with more artist announcements to come in 2023. The platform is poised to bring a new level of innovation and engagement to the music industry and fans alike.

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