PEGA Pool Launches Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Pool With Huge Incentives For Miners

PEGA Pool Launches Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Pool With Huge Incentives For Miners

PEGA Pool, a UK-based company, is excited to announce the official launch of its eco-friendly Bitcoin mining pool created to enable clients to offset their carbon footprint.

According to, PEGA Pool is among the world’s top 10 largest Bitcoin mining pools. PEGA Pools hopes to provide users with the tools that will help them offset their carbon footprint and receive incentives for using renewable energy. PEGA Pool is designed to allow its users to connect their ASIC miners to the platform before mining. As a result, PEGA provides them with a more consistent and attractive income than they would have earned while mining alone. 

PEGA Pool seeks to create a more sustainable industry, a mission that began with PEGA Mining Ltd, PEGA Pool’s parent company. To date, PEGA Mining Ltd only uses renewable energy for its mining operations, demonstrating that large-scale Bitcoin mining using green energy is possible.

PEGA Pool’s solution comes when the growing Bitcoin market is receiving a lot of criticism from corporations, individuals, and governments for the Proof-of-Work mechanism that consumes massive fossil fuel. For starters, China has already banned crypto mining due to its negative environmental impact. 

Commenting on the launch, David Bungay, the CEO of PEGA Pool, stated: 

“I am very excited to announce the official launch of PEGA Pool, our British Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Pool. Our journey began with PEGA Mining which gave us the desire to build PEGA Pool and provide the world with what was missing in our industry. We built PEGA Pool so that we could not only offer our clients a top-performing trustworthy mining pool but also provide them with an incentive to change the industry for the better and follow in our green footsteps”.

PEGA Pool has a unique Global Pool infrastructure that ensures it’s resilient to any outages and equipment issues, including natural disasters. PEGA Pool uses an aggressive payout structure with a competitive Full Pay Per Share (FPPS) model to incentivize miners to use renewable energy sources. Notably, PEGA Pool has one of the highest-paying Bitcoin mining pools for revenue per TH (Terahash) and is open to all miners, irrespective of preferred energy sources. However, clients mining with renewable energy pays 50% less pool fees. 

Additionally, PEGA Pool uses a portion of their pool fees gathered from mining with fossil fuel sources to plant trees. PEGA Pool hopes this initiative will offset their carbon footprint. So far, the company has planted over 148 000 trees, resulting in a yearly offset of 3,967 tons of CO2. 

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