Oryen Network’s December Gains Top Those of Chainlink and Uniswap

Can Oryen sustain its recent surge during the presale?

Early holders are anticipating even greater gains as Oryen Network exits the pre-sale because of how quickly its price is advancing. While still in its ICO, ORY has seen a 320% price spike, placing it ahead of Chainlink and Uniswap for December’s best gains while it is still in its ICO.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap, based on the Ethereum blockchain, enables traders to trade Ethereum-based tokens. Users can trade tokens on this decentralized exchange without relying on a third party to safeguard their funds. The platform can process thousands of transactions in just a few seconds thanks to Uniswap’s quick and secure Smart Contract architecture.

Holders of UNI tokens, the blockchain’s native token and a governance token can cast votes on various platform-related issues.

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen is on a quest to make staking easier for its token holders. The quick and safe BNB Smart Chain serves as the foundation for this system.

Because of its OAT feature, the entire staking process is automated. The OAT function guarantees that users can purchase and stake ORY tokens on the platform, earning rewards at a daily rate of 0.177%, which provides a guaranteed annual percentage yield of 90%.

The supply of the rebase token ORY is elastic, meaning that the token’s supply is not fixed and is instead determined by the token’s price. The coin’s price is also supported by an RFV wallet in the event of extreme market conditions. This has made the token a particularly well-liked investment among famous cryptocurrency experts.

ORY’s price has already increased by 320% in a short time, and if your portfolio has recently struggled, it might be the ideal solution. Because of this, even though it is still in its presale, Oryen (ORY) is already regarded as one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world.

Chainlink (LINK)

One of the best initiatives on the Ethereum blockchain is LINK, a decentralized platform that links off-chain technology with on-chain smart contracts. However, prices were significantly lower now than at their peak last year, and holders are unsure when or even if they will rebound. This is the reason why recent initiatives by Oryen have drawn notice from its users.


In a time when confidence in cryptocurrencies is low, ORY has captured the attention of the crypto market. This progress is predicted to continue rising, making ORY one of the finest cryptocurrencies right now, surpassing more contenders like LINK and UNI.

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