Swapin Research: Which Well-Known Companies Accept Crypto Currently?

Swapin Research: Which Well-Known Companies Accept Crypto Currently?

Crypto adoption has been picking up pace in recent years, and more companies are coming on board to meet customer demand and serve the growing audience. Plus, there is little doubt that cryptocurrencies will power the future of finance. Crypto holders are actively searching for what companies accept crypto.

But for now, not all companies accept cryptocurrencies, causing that search to come up empty-handed. Fortunately, new solutions from Swapin allow businesses to accept crypto payments from customers yet receive fiat deposits to a bank account to limit overall risk exposure to crypto assets.

Here is the latest look at Swapin research, which puts a spotlight on which companies currently accept crypto. 

Research Shows Major Brands Accept Crypto Today

Past research shows that consumers from many different segments are more than eager to begin regularly using cryptocurrencies to pay for everyday goods and services, as well as luxury items, real estate, and other big-ticket things.

Some of the biggest companies in the world have introduced a way to accept cryptocurrencies directly. Internationally recognized brands that accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto assets include Overstock, NewEgg, and AMC Theaters.

Instant crypto-to-fiat solutions from Swapin make it easier for companies to accept crypto payments from customers. As the Swapin brand expands across Europe, the crypto-to-fiat payment provider has established several partnerships with widely respected companies, such as RE/MAX, E-Jewels, and Aufort Gold.

How Swapin Enables Crypto-To-Fiat Payments For Companies

Businesses everywhere can leverage Swapin B2B tools like Coin Collector and the E-Com e-commerce widget. Each service allows business customers to pay for goods and services using a wide range of popular cryptocurrencies, like BTC, ETH, or USDT, yet the business receives GBP or EUR instead.

Funds sent are immediately converted into fiat and deposited to a connected corporate IBAN account with no fuss or friction. Exchange rates are locked for 30 minutes while the transaction completes, so there is no risk of volatility-related loss due to accepting crypto.

CoinCollector is an invoicing tool that lets businesses bill customers for any type of service or item. The plug-and-play E-Com widget enables companies to install a convenient crypto payment widget on a website. Together, the two tools have most types of businesses’ needs covered.

Connect With Crypto Payment Solution Swapin Today

Businesses working with Swapin saw an immediate uptick in revenues after beginning to accept cryptocurrencies. The quickly growing audience is willing and wanting to use the next generation of money, but businesses need to take the step to make it happen.

Swapin solutions lower the risk of accepting cryptocurrencies for businesses while opening up potential new revenue streams. Visit the official website to try the tools today, or visit the Swapin blog to learn more about the company.

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