News’s VERSE Utility Token Public Sale Goes Live's VERSE Utility Token Public Sale Goes Live

The team has unveiled its VERSE token sale to the public. Whitelisted users can acquire assets with various cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The move is critical in expanding access to decentralized finance through a utility token.

VERSE Public Sale Goes Live

The team announced the launch of its VERSE utility token several months ago. Interested users could apply for a whitelist spot to get early access to the public sale. That sale is now underway, and eligible users can obtain their VERSE tokens accordingly. The asset, which serves as a utility token, is integral to aiding users and crypto novices to experiment with decentralized finance solutions. 

Moreover, the token is set to fuel the ongoing growth and expansion of the ecosystem. The project spans over 35 million self-custody cryptocurrency wallets through its mobile applications. The multi-chain mobile app supports various networks, including their DeFi protocols. In addition, users can access news and other industry information via the app, creating an encompassing ecosystem for all things crypto.

During the public sale, two percent of the 210 billion VERSE tokens are available for purchase. Tokens unlock from day one and are subject to a linear 18-month vesting schedule. The public sale has a dynamic price mechanism to allow for fair price discovery. Earlier, conducted a private sale in May 2022, where 10% of the tokens were sold for $33.6 million.

VERSE holders will unlock access to exclusive platform services. In addition, the utility token is a cornerstone for upcoming plans and features to be found in the app. Users can also stake VERSE tokens, receive cash backs, and use them as collateral in multiple lending pools.

Expanding Platform Engagement

Users of the platform and app can earn VERSE tokens through interactions. Whether reading news, exploring educational content, or engaging in DeFi activities, every action is meaningful. Furthermore, a native Verse DEX lets users trade, buy, and sell assets as they see fit. CEO Dennis Jarvis comments:

“We are officially entering a new era of with the public sale of VERSE. Our team strongly believes in Verse’s mission to enhance economic independence through its utility, ecosystem rewards, and low-barrier-to-entry features offered on a secure, trustworthy platform. It is with Verse that will continue to provide not only crypto-newcomers, but also crypto-natives, with the resources, tools, and technology needed to usher in the next cycle of mass DeFi adoption.”

A crucial cog in the machine is the Verse Development Fund. It is a new initiative to fuel growth and innovation through various initiatives. In addition, it provides resources for decentralized applications interfacing with the VERSE ecosystem. Several token projects will be incubated with the help of the launchpad, which will launch in 2023.

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