Next Gen NFT Marketplace, AptoSea Kicks Off The Initial $APS Presale Round For Early Adopters

AptoSea Launches Pre-sale For $APS To Be Used In Its Upcoming NFT Marketplace

AptoSea, a web 3.0 multi-asset NFT marketplace, launched the Pre-sale round for its token APTOSEA ($APS) for early adopters.

According to the team, $APS token holders will enjoy numerous benefits, including governance DAO structures. $APS is a utility token that will serve various utilities such as staking, transaction fees, and governance. Holders can use the token as a payment method for profile verification on the AptoSea NFT marketplace, like and upvote NFT artworks on the marketplace, and get a higher ranking on the AptoSea smart AI Sorting Engine.

Notably, acquiring and staking the $APS tokens will allow participants to become members of AptoSea DAO, the governance arm of the AptoSea ecosystem. Investors can visit the AptoSea page to participate in the Pre-sale. $APS has a total supply of 50 million tokens. The team has allocated 25% of these tokens for the presale, while another 20% will be used for public sale.

AsptoSea seeks to facilitate a DAO-powered NFT marketplace on the Aptos blockchain. The presale comes as the team prepares to launch the AptoSea marketplace within the fourth quarter of 2022. The team is also working on an android and iOS dapp to enable users to connect with their Web3 wallet, like the Martian and Fewcha Wallet, to trade NFTs.

The AptoSea NFT marketplace will have many unique features, including multi-asset swap and NFT offer buddles. This will reportedly allow users to list offers to trade specific NFTs and choose to accept payment in $APS tokens. Unlike before, where users had to list AptoWizard NFTs for a certain amount of the Aptos coin, users now can use AptoSea to propose exchanging an AptoWizard for a package containing aptosapesociety (aptosad NFTs and a small amount of $APS token.)

The new marketplace will also allow users to pay for the transaction and purchase of NFTs using the $APS token instead of Aptos Coin. All this will be done while enjoying low transaction fees.

In the marketplaces, holders will profit from transaction fee redistribution by receiving a percentage of trade commissions. In addition, holders will earn a staking reward of up to 20% APY for staking their assets.

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