Are Big Eyes Coin, Enjin, and Polygon, Enjin The Next Viable Projects?

Big Eyes Coin vs Tamadoge: A New Paradigm in Community Tokens

Many alpha callers will call projects for their community and tag them as the next viable projects. As a crypto watcher, you may get curious about why these projects are envisioned to do well. In this piece, we’d be looking at three top crypto projects: Polygon (MATIC), Enjin (ENJ) and Big Eyes (BIG).

Scaling Up With Polygon 

Polygon (MATIC) has a protocol designed to tackle scalability problems. In crypto terms, Polygon is a scaling solution. Most scaling solutions are Layer–II networks intended to function on existing blockchain networks.

Many will quickly presume that Polygon is a side chain supporting the Ethereum network. It is not. Instead, it is a network providing multiple side chains to act on the Ethereum network.

It also helps to know that Polygon was not designed to function solely on Ethereum. Although Ethereum is at the core of its mission, its architectural design and technology enable the network to work on many other layer-I networks.

Firing Up The Enjin

Enjin (ENJ) is an Ethereum-based solution to help developers create and manage gaming assets and virtual goods. With the aid of the Ethereum blockchain, Enjin can help mitigate the risks of managing virtual assets and lower the costs of management.

Enjin has provided software development kits to carry out its mission that will enable developers to build gaming assets that can be customized to fit any game. Developers can use smart contracts on Enjin to design gaming assets, ship to games, and manage those assets with the aid of Enjin. To do this, they will need the Enjin coin to manage the whole process.

Every in-game asset created will need to be minted, and the Enjin coin will be staked. When the assets are sold, the seller will receive the Enjin coin that was staked. So, the token aids the management of in-game assets. Hence, its value. 

Big Eyes: The New Cat On The Block

Crypto enthusiasts can see Big Eyes (BIG) through different lenses. But, the number one way to look at Big Eyes is as a community token. The project is a crypto cathouse designed to onboard cat lovers to the crypto world. To do this, its website, origin story, language, and pictorial are all likened to that of a cat. With this cat branding, it becomes easy for cat owners to relate and feel welcomed.

The project and token help people familiarise themselves with the crypto world. It will be listed for a small price, allowing the average into crypto. It will also invest big in memes and events. Memes will draw hype to the community, while events will create opportunities for users to network and learn new things. Big Eyes is also implementing tokenomics to encourage people to stay in the game. It is putting growth in the hands of the community and would not be burning any part of its tokens. It charges zero taxes on sales and buys.

Another exciting thing about Big Eyes is its Sushi Crew. It describes the club as where crew members can buy cute things, do incredible things, and eat fish. In less ‘fishy’ terms, it means a club where you can buy NFTs. The first NFT snippets will be in the second stage of the Big Eyes roadmap. To gain access to the Sushi Crew, one would need an NFT pass. Prepare for this.

There are also other amazing things with the Big Eyes project. There will be e-stickers, charity donations, IRL NFT events, a merch store (Supurrr store), token bridging, and lots more.

Big Eyes is doing more than the regular meme coin, so we have no choice but to call it a community token. To be a part of this fast-rising community, do well to check their website.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article, and views in it do not represent those of, nor should they be attributed to, ZyCrypto. Readers should conduct independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or crypto projects mentioned in this piece.

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