ZetaChain Integrates into Web3 Credential Data Network Galxe, Launches NFT Campaign for Interoperable Connectivity

Omnichain Platform ZetaChain Integrates into the Web3 Credential Data Network Galxe, Launches NFT Campaign for Interoperable Connectivity

In a recent announcement, ZetaChain (ZETA), a leading omnichain smart contract platform based in California, announced a partnership with Galxe (formerly Project Galaxy), the leading Web3 credential data network. Galxe is a pioneer in on-chain credentialing with its 5+ million active users and incredibly user-friendly plug-and-play dashboard.

Supporting generic omnichain smart contracts that bridge the gap between smart contract and non-smart contract blockchains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, ZetaChain is a protocol-agnostic Layer-1 omnichain smart contract platform. To date, ZetaChain’s testnet ZetaLabs has attracted more than 200k users interested in the native asset cross-chain swap feature.

There are currently over 5 million people using Galxe, making it the leading web3 data credential network. Galxe provides the infrastructure for community members to curate digital credentials and contribute data to the network. Different kinds of credentials, both on-chain and off-chain, can be curated by different contributors. Credential information has numerous applications, including but not limited to the development of user experiences, marketing, advertising, work validation, and more.

With the Glaxe-ZetaChain integration, ecosystem partners constructing on the Glaxe network can take advantage of previously unavailable cross-chain use cases, such as omnichain NFTs, DAOs, Gamefi, native cross-chain payment omnichain, and more.

The goal of the Bring ZETA Home campaign is to have users discover the potential of omnichain features while rewarding them with NFTs and ZETA Points. ZetaChain facilitates any-to-any token/chain trades through native value transfer, meaning no bridging, wrapping, or locking of assets is required. Mission operations will be gradually revealed over the next few months. Learn everything there is to know about the campaign right here.

For those interested in learning more about this initiative, the ZetaChain and Galxe teams will be hosting a separate event on November 4th, 2022, as part of San Francisco Blockchain Week. Put in your registration here.

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