Jack Dorsey Unveils New Decentralized Social Media To Checkmate Government Control

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  • Bluesky Team, created by Jack Dorsey in 2019, has unveiled The AT Protocol, a decentralized social network.
  • The company will leverage portable accounts and choice algorithms to create a perfect interoperable network.
  • Web3 enthusiasts laud the project as it is a way to protect user data while still providing a platform for social networking.

As web3 adoption grows, Jack Dorsey has revealed a roadmap for decentralized social media after three years of research. 

Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey has launched a website for a new decentralized protocol created to limit government and institutional control in social networking. The Bluesky team formed by Dorsey in 2019 named the network The Authenticated Transfer (AT) Protocol and set up a waitlist to get access to the protocol, which filled up in no time requiring third-party interventions. 

The new company will be out of the control of centralized authority as users will be allowed to build on its framework to protect their data while avoiding corporate algorithms.

“Algorithms dictate what we see and who we can reach, we must have control over our algorithms if we’re going to trust in our online spaces.”

AT Protocol will help protect users by using domain names as user identities with cryptographic URLs to secure every account. The platform will also allow for account portability across several platforms without “losing any data and user social graph.”

Bluesky explained that the hallmark of this is to put users in control of what they see rather than being controlled by centralized authorities through targeted advertising. The company plans to achieve this through “algorithmic choice”, allowing users to choose their algorithms similar to the operation of the World Wide Web.

Jack Dorsey’s journey to a decentralized web

In 2019, Dorsey lifted the curtain on his plans to create a new generation of social networking, forming a small team of developers, The Bluesky Team, to bring the idea to reality. Bluesky launched the Bluesky app, which will serve as a window to web3 interoperability. 

In May, the team launched ADX, an experimental social network design, AT Protocol. Three years after its creation, Bluesky is almost there with the unveiling of the AT Protocol, which will strive to attain web3 interoperability. The company’s goal is to allow diverse applications to run on a single network with safe data-sharing mechanisms without sabotaging security.

“The world needs a diverse market of connected services to ensure healthy competition. Interoperation needs to feel like second nature to the Web.”

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