Flat For Flip Set To Become First European Real Estate Dao With 7,777 NFT Apartments In 7 European Countries

Flat For Flip Set To Become First European Real Estate Dao With 7,777 NFT Apartments In 7 European Countries

POLAND / OCTOBER 10th, 2022 / Flat for Flip is pleased to announce yet another exclusive giveaway for the NFT buyers till the 30th of October on OpenSea. For every new NFT buyer in October, the team will select one or more buyers and return 2X the amount spent.

The Flat for Flip NFT owners are not just bound to their apartment NFTs. They have access to an exceptional platform to take over multiple investment opportunities and grow their investment with hundreds of real estate opportunities. An investor took advantage of this opportunity, and as a result, they received a commission of up to $20,000 on selling real estate. Furthermore, flat For Flip NFT owners have a golden chance to get a significant discount when joining the biggest Real Estate event in Europe.

This announcement brings the new investment group to the spotlight with its futuristic concept, a revolutionary way to invest in property with an ICO. The company offers its members the chance to co-invest in high-quality real estate projects all over Europe.

Flat For Flip is the first company to offer exclusive access to our investment groups with their products fully compliant as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs are tokens that represent ownership of real properties that are under legal and valid ownership of the company. They have 7,777 NFT apartments in total, spread across seven European countries.

With their partners worldwide, they bring together financial technology, legal expertise, and market knowledge to deliver real value for investors. Their business model is simple: They identify and execute profitable European real estate opportunities. The group’s main target is to take advantage of the rising European economy by transforming the most lucrative markets into valuable long-term assets.

What makes Flat for Flip unique is that each NFT represents the ownership of an individual flat, which varies in size and location depending on the location of the particular project. Their workable knowledge of Crypto and Blockchain technology makes them target the right audience. They are offering a discount of fifty percent to anybody who would want to become a VIP participant in Poland’s most influential real estate event.

About Flat For Flip

They built an idea around blockchain technology that turned everything upside down and made traditional investments in shares, bonds, and currencies obsolete. With Their non-fungible tokens (NFTs), they can guarantee two things: the first is that these tokens hold real physical assets and the second is that you can trade them with decentralized exchanges to get fast liquidity.

With the number of cryptocurrencies hitting record-high numbers in recent years, some experts have predicted that we could see widespread adoption of this new way of investing and exchanging assets in the near future.

Media Contact:
Company: Flat For Flip
Person: Marcin Bochenek

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