World Mobile and Empowa launch a collaborative NFT project based on Cardano

World Mobile and Empowa launch a collaborative NFT project based on Cardano

While Empowa is a RealFi NFT project concerned with providing low-cost housing solutions in Africa, World Mobile is the world’s first block-chain powered telecommunications company known for its affordable internet service. It’s based on the sharing economy.

The two Cardano-based projects have forged a partnership with a laser-sharp focus on remote communities, starting with Mozambique and then spreading to Africa and the rest of the world. The collaboration aims at providing affordable finance to solve the age-old housing and internet connectivity challenges in Africa, beginning with Mozambique.

Although Mozambique is a densely populated nation, the country grapples with a severe housing and internet connectivity problem. Statistics show that there are just about 600 mortgages in a country with a population of 30 million.

Driven by a strong desire to address the mentioned constrained, Empowa is leveraging the NFT space to raise funds that will help to construct affordable homes for the most deserving Mozambican population.

Put differently; the RealFi initiative will raise funds to enable the financially excluded population to lay their hands on affordable lease-to-own homes. That will be the first phase of the collaboration. The second phase will see World Mobile move in, collaborate with local entrepreneurs, and set up infrastructure that will provide reliable yet highly affordable internet connection. The project will kick off in Beira, a port city in Mozambique.

The firms settled for Beira since it is not just a densely populated area but also prone to natural disasters, especially cyclones. Meanwhile, 80% of the Beira community lives in self-constructed homes that can barely withstand disasters since they’re built using inferior materials and poor building techniques. The new homes will not just be affordable but also environmentally sustainable and, therefore, resistant to cyclones.

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