Blockify Announces The Completion Of A $2.2M Seed Round

Blockify Announces The Completion Of A $2.2M Seed Round

Blockify Inc has announced a $2.2M for its seed round. These funds will accelerate the launch, host new features, and recruit top talent to the team.

Blockify Inc started in 2021. It has been building an interface that brings Web3 and DeFi to anyone, discounting their knowledge and experience in crypto. The main features are;

1. Web3 social interaction – is an interface that allows users to track and manage their portfolios.

2. Create-to-earn and,

3. surf-to-earn user utility.

In Q2 2023, Blockify will release a Web3 advertising platform called Blok Ads on the Blockify Network. Blok Ads connects brands and consumers through crypto rewards. Advertisers will reward consumers for engagement and data. With Blok Ads, users are empowered to own their information, sharing it in the value it creates. Advertisers are enabled to ask permission, motivate action and increase ROI.

What makes Blockify unique from other crypto platforms is keeping off tracking users’ data and custody of users’ funds. Being 100% non-custodial is the beginning of massive growth and adoption.

Blockify is building a unified experience that breaks disintegration, difficulties, and lack of trust in decentralized products, which has hindered the adoption of DeFi and Web3. The interface will enable non-technical users to obtain, monitor, and manage assets on numerous leading DeFi protocols.

Closing the seed round is a step further in the group-up building Blockify is building. It is an essential achievement for Blockify and the DeFi and Web3 communities.

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