Blockify Creates An All In One Shop For Defi Solutions

Blockify Creates An All In One Shop For Defi Solutions

Blockify integrates major decentralised protocols (DeFi) and liquidity providers, making it easy for users to invest in the DeFi market.

Years down the line and users are still finding it challenging to navigate through DeFi. Blockify comes into play to help make it easier and cheaper for anyone to explore new assets, place a trade, track their portfolio or invest in complex primitives under one platform. The platform hopes to overcome the fragmentation and lack of trust in DeFi products that have been a significant setback in their adoption.  Blockify supports numerous actions, including exploring new assets, accurate portfolio tracking, single transaction investments, and allowing users to explore new assets.

Notably, through its Explore and Market page, Blockify combines features from CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Uniswap, and Portfolios to allow its users to keep up with the market. Using the page, users can filter assets by type, tags, performance, or even dive deeper by clicking on the individual tokens. By doing so, Blockify hopes to enable non-technical users to acquire, track and manage assets on many DeFi -protocols.

Another notable feature is that Blockify allows users to buy and sell DeFi tokens in a single transaction. This is made possible through DeFi SDK, a library of smart contracts designed to act as a universal adapter for every DeFi protocol. Blockfiy’s execution engines pick the best route for trades offering users a liquidity channel to every decentralised exchange (DEX), Automated market maker (AMM), and DEX aggregators.  Currently, the platform supports trades of thousands of tokens, including Balancer, Curve pools, Uniswap, and more. 

Blockify also allows its users to accurately track their portfolios, providing them access to previous transactions directly on asset pages. The platform allows users to check their aggregated views for multiple wallets. Users can also get push notifications about their portfolio and access the history page.

In addition, Blockify seeks to help increase the adoption of DeFi by providing users with a social environment where they can interact and disseminate information on DeFi and other blockchain-related issues. This social platform will enable the project to communicate with users in a verifiable manner directly. The project is still under development and will roll out these and more features in time.

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