Cryptoverse NFT Art Club Launches First Drop of The Most Unique On-chain Characters at Astonishing Price

Cryptoverse NFT Art Club Launches First Drop of The Most Unique On-chain Characters at Astonishing Price

If you are looking for a long-term NFT investment, with authentic concept and hand-drawn arts, you should pay attention to the new NFT art club: the Cryptoverse. The project was backed by an artist at Designfullprints LLC, who sold more than $10M of merchandise in 2021. So what makes it different? They have a very detailed roadmap of developing characters, merch, and gamefi experience from the 4-year-old team. 

Their characters represent the characteristics of people in the Crypto World and are bound with the history of the Blockchain community. They have Doge, Donuts, Sushi, Uni, Metafox (names that you should have related by now) in the progress of character development. However, what is unique in these characters are they have their own traits that you can’t find anywhere else. A formal gentle Doge in the astronaut suit? It is quite ordinary. Whether you want to be an evil astronaut with Hellboy horns on your head and a cigarette in your mouth (Captain Doge #354) or a pirate with Tobacco pipe and Ray-Ban glasses (#241), they got you! And when buying an NFT art, they give you full commercial rights to use the art, and access to their events, merch, next gamefi, and blockchain projects.

In this first drop, they released 500 Doonuts NFTs and 833 Captain Doge NFTs, priced at quite an astonishing price, only 0.003 ETH on Polygon. According to Sam, Cryptoverse CEO, she believes that the strength of the project is the active community so there should be no entrance barrier for everyone. However, prices will increase for later drops which have more unique traits and values. Moreover, they also offer personalized merchandise like an ornament, t-shirt, hoodie, cap for top buyers right from the first place to ensure that early investors get advantages and have experiment of using their products. It has never happened before. 

See the project on Opensea now

Last but not least, according to Sam, they are working on 3D concepts of the characters and also exploring new chances of collaboration with their network in the gaming industry who successfully launched projects with good reputations like Axie infinity, Rooster Battle and Heroes LTD. She expects that with their network and fund reserve for new creation, they can bring the club to the next level and contribute more value to the community. 

 It’s still a very new project, but if the project performs as well as its components suggest on its whitepaper, then it won’t be long before Cryptoverse is celebrating yet another stunning sales smash.

About Cryptoverse

Cryptoverse is an NFT art club whose mission is to build up a universe where their characters will represent the people and history of the Blockchain community. They offer exclusive commercial rights to use their NFTs and access to their events, merch, and blockchain projects! The project was backed by a professional team that sold $10M merch in 2021. 




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