Verlux Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Kicks Off $VLX Token Seed Sale

Verlux Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace Kicks Off $VLX Token Seed Sale

Verlux, the very first Cross-Chain NFT marketplace on the Cardano blockchain, is thrilled to announce the beginning of its token sales.

Notably, Verlux is a platform that enables users to efficiently and seamlessly swap non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from other blockchains to the Cardano blockchain. Other NFT marketplaces are limited to the networks upon which they are built, a limitation which Verlux seeks to transform into an opportunity. The platform’s aim is for NFTs to make use of the cost-efficiency, high-speed transactions, and overall security of the Cardano network.

Additionally, Verlux is looking to disrupt the conventional NFT system by incorporating a staking feature for users to farm special editions and 100% exclusive NFTs. This new feature makes the protocol stand out from other NFT marketplaces on the Cardano blockchain and other blockchains as well. With these capabilities, Verlux hopes to become the biggest platform of its kind on the Cardano ecosystem.

$VLX is the native token of the Verlux platform and it is used to facilitate user NFT transactions. The token also supports a community governance system where users get to vote on developments that should be implemented on the platform. Other uses of the token include NFT farming and featured listings.

Importantly, the token has a supply cap of 1 billion tokens. The $VLX seed sale is currently live on the $VLX token sale page, having kicked off on November 12, 2021. Interested initial investors and early birds are encouraged to visit the platform to take part in the seed sale. Instructions on How To Join The Seed Sale are available for those who wish to be early adopters.

Of note, the seed sale’s token allocation is 250 million tokens, which is equivalent to 25% of the total supply. 1 VLX token is going for 0.0018 ADA, where 1 ADA is currently around $2.06. The minimum amount one can purchase is 200 ADA while the maximum is 15,000 ADA.

Verlux NFT marketplace is based on the mission of constant innovation and solution development of the NFT ecosystem to explore its infinite possibilities. The Verlux team believes NFTs are still in their nascent stages, and that it is equipped with the necessary resources to lead scalability in the industry. More features and ideas are expected from this innovative team as it strives to become a trendsetter in the NFT sector and to build an unrivaled suite of services for Verlux.

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