Mana and Enjin Benefit From NFT Craze – Will HUH Token Make Investors A Real World Profit?

Mana and Enjin Benefit From NFT Craze – Will HUH Token Make Investors A Real World Profit?

Mana and Enjin are both cryptocurrencies with a stake in the success of virtual worlds and the online assets they produce. For those unfamiliar, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that can be purchased and sold but have no physical form. You can buy and sell the original versions of these digital pieces and a blockchain keeps track of ownership as it changes hands.

HUH Token is going to be releasing soon and whilst not currently involved in NFTs, has demonstrated features that could generate wealth for many traders. Which will this result in a larger profit? Mana and Enjin’s functionality for the new NFTs craze or HUH Token’s tools to consistently generate additional wealth?

Mana is a currency that is used to purchase primarily LAND, in addition to other goods and services on their virtual platform. LAND is a non-fungible ERC-721 token, it is used to represent ownership of virtual land in the virtual world named Decentraland. This interconnection within its own metaverse is becoming extremely popular. Facebook’s announcement to move into a new phase of civilization and utilizing the metaverse to do so, has helped increase the value of the Mana token in recent days.

Enjin is also a blockchain platform that has a focus on the metaverse and NFTs. The Enjin Coin is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and aims to make it much easier for anyone, business, or individuals, to use NFTs. The coin powers the NFTs and all minted assets contain Enjin Coin, this means they can provide real-world value through a process they refer to as ‘melting’. Enjin has also secured a $100 million fund to help develop projects that support their metaverse. This news may inspire confidence in the currency and help it continue to grow as more information is released.

HUH Token will be coming to the market soon and is trying to make an impact in the real world for investors, unlike the previously discussed cryptocurrencies. HUH Token is based in reality, whether or not they venture into the metaverse is yet to be seen. The future is uncertain and NFTs could be a long-term success or failure, other cryptocurrencies could also begin to participate in the trend if it starts to go well. This would create more competition and stand-out currencies may be harder to find. 

HUH Token aims to produce generational wealth that can continuously grow, they have stated this outright, and it can be implied through sayings on their website such as ‘hold until gold’. They aim to achieve this through accumulative advantage. The foremost way to achieve this is through their unique referral system, this system can generate you BNB (Binance) if you refer someone and a sales tax reduction if you are referred by someone else. Your sell tax goes down to 10%, allowing you to even make savings on your sales. 

The investment choice between these three cryptocurrencies is difficult, they all have their own merits and could pan out well. Meta and Enjin Coin have a clear dependency on the success of the future of metaverses and the value given to NFTs as a society. Whereas, HUH Token can produce real-world value through community building and inviting others to join in. HUH Token, with the information available to us, seems worth tracking as it releases onto the market.

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