Flashcoin Listing on Mandala Exchange

Flash: The Fastest and Easiest Cryptocurrency Wallet

Mandala.Exchange, a leading digital asset trading platform, now has listing Flash in the queue. Flash will be exchanged through its trading pairs the first being USDT and followed by BTC. This move will facilitate users from many countries, including many on Continental Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, and more, to access buying and selling of Flashcoin directly from the Mandala exchange platform. 

In an interview with Joseph Reiben, the CEO of Mandala Exchange, we took a deep dive into his motivation behind the Mandala ecosystem and how the inclusion of Flashcoin will benefit the platform’s users. 

Mandala Exchange

Joseph Reiben, the CEO of Mandala Exchange, joined the cryptocurrency industry as a trader back in 2014. His early entry into the cryptocurrency space enabled him to understand the schematics of digital assets closely. He also provided legal and regulatory services for several projects, which also led him to understand the business and tax structure for the cryptocurrency industry. 

He joined the Mandala exchange in January 2018. By 2019, the original founders of Mandala left along with company assets citing developmental delays and a lack of support from third-party service providers. During this period, Joseph, along with a few members of the original Mandala team, took it upon themselves to rebuild the Mandala exchange with a new team and raised finance for operations of the digital trading platform. 

Nearly two years later, the cryptocurrency exchange platform has found tremendous success. Mandala is the first privately held exchange platform to have partnered with Binance and leverage their liquidity depth and custom-built solutions for trading. Currently, the Mandala exchange platform has more than 15 people managing operations for marketing, business development, community management, and more. In the last few months, the exchange has almost doubled its user base through consistent progress. 

Flashcoin Listing on Mandala Exchange

The Mandala exchange platform strives to offer an institutional-grade infrastructure for a user base of all sizes. Retail traders and investors can leverage the same degree of accessibility from the platform as institutional investors. Moreover, the exchange aims to offer financial inclusion for people who do not have access to the traditional financial ecosystem. 

The Flashcoin also leads at the forefront as a community coin enabling mainstream adoption and practical use-cases of cryptocurrencies. The ecosystem facilitates the usage of crypto for micro-transactions, thereby enabling digital assets for everyday needs. Flash does this with a high-end throughput, increasing scalability of transactions, speed, and reducing the transaction costs and operating costs. 

Moreover, the project has already changed users’ attitude towards crypto, with African students leading the initiative of displaying the use of Flash. The Flashcoin project is different from traditional coins as its inherent architecture cannot produce any new Flash currency. In other words, all the Flash coins have already been circulated in the market, and no new coins can be produced. The factor of scarcity changes the attitude towards Flashcoin, giving it an edge compared to other cryptocurrencies. Due to this reason, users are more inclined to buy Flashcoin from the Mandala exchange platform and send it to their mobile Flash wallet on Android or Coinapps Flash wallet on iOS, home and office users can use the web version.

Staking Mandala tokens will also enable users to leverage the benefits of trading discounts and rebate fees on the Mandala exchange. We are proud to have two organizations with resembling principles in partnership with each other. 

Written by Pooja Kadia

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