What does CoinCraddle intend to achieve?

What does CoinCraddle intend to achieve

Its main goal is to make crypto trading accessible to everyone, no matter how advanced the user is.

According to the research conducted by the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, there are now about 100 million people who own cryptocurrencies. Every year, their popularity grows, and more and more ordinary people, not very technologically trained, become interested in them. This in turn led to new cryptocurrency exchangers springing up like mushrooms after a rain. So far, however, none has been able to provide users with everything they want.

CoinCraddle is a very user-friendly platform that allows users to conduct transactions at the best rates possible. It offers a huge spectrum of digital coin pairs available and it doesn’t charge its users any extra fees but a standard 0.3% commission. Transactions are quickly made and they usually don’t take more than 10 minutes. It is pleasant to be a trader on this exchange no matter if you are a newcomer or a expert — it is simple, cheap and fast. What else do you want?

What is CoinCraddle?

CoinCraddle is a cryptocurrency exchange that conducts instant transactions and provides its users with best of all rates.

How does its system operate?

The platform has its own robot that is integrated into different popular and large cryptocurrency exchanges. In a matter of seconds it makes bids and carries out market research, deciding which offer is the best in terms of rates. Then the system fixes the best rate for 15 minutes, so you have enough time to conduct your transaction and you can be sure that the rate wouldn’t change while you are doing it.

What does CoinCraddle offer to its users?

User-friendly interface

The site has a visually intuitively understandable interface. You also don’t have to register or own an account to start trading. But if you choose to sign up for an account, you will get the opportunity to invite partners and receive cash back rewards.

Fast transactions

Transaction time that doesn’t exceed 10 minutes. The process of searching for the best offer among the ones presented on different exchanges takes seconds.

Effective support service

The customer support is extremely friendly and stands ready to assist its users 24/7.

Low fees on transactions
CoinCraddle charges only 0,3% on each transaction.

Profitable affiliate program

Our affiliate program makes it possible for the user to obtain 50% of our revenue on each referral.

Impressive number of exchange pairs

CoinCraddle offers a wide spectrum of digital coin pairs available for transactions. To date, 27 coins are presented on the platform and their amount is constantly growing.

So why should you choose CoinCraddle?

It is anonymous
It is safe
It is easy to use
It is fast
It offers the best rates available on the market

Our main asset is a unique robot that is currently connected to more than 30 popular digital currency exchange services via API. It constantly monitors the state of the market and finds the best offers with the best exchange rate for our clients. Therefore, every CoinCraddle user can be sure that the site offers them the most profitable rate possible at the moment.

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