Savix Launches ‘Easy Crypto for Everyone’ Program to Redefine Defi Investments

Savix Launches ‘Easy Crypto for Everyone’ Program to Redefine Defi Investments

European start-up has announced a new mission to redefine crypto adoption and investments. Notably, the program dubbed ‘Easy Crypto for Everyone’ is meant to demystify the Defi ecosystem and in turn, make it easily accessible to anyone.

Savix identified a gap in the Defi ecosystem and retail investors and seeks to fill it through a clear roadmap. Notably, the crypto industry has grown tremendously and also at a faster rate than most investors are capable of grasping the core concept. Moreover, there are hundreds of crypto protocols that have huge potential but remain undervalued due to a lack of community exposure and proper education.

The startup seeks to bring together different Defi projects and by providing an easy-to-use platform, anyone can invest without having prior experience or background knowledge on the platform. Moreover, the Defi industry recorded the highest gains in the crypto market in 2020. Particularly, most Defi protocols recorded higher profits in comparison to established coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

According to Savix developers, the mission has been designed to utilize the Savix token. “The Savix token will yield predictable interest rates on investments automatically without any need for technological decisions or complicated procedures. You can simply buy Savix tokens and keep them to receive your returns (Staking),” the company indicated through a press release.

Through an easy-to-use online dashboard for various Defi projects, Savix users can tap on the booming Defi ecosystem. 

In turn, the mission will be laying strong prospects for crypto adoption especially with retail traders. One notable aspect of the ‘Easy Crypto for Everyone’ mission is the fact that users will access gas-free staking rewards directly to their crypto wallets. All the user is required to do is hold the Savix token and the profits will be realized over time from  various crypto projects. Cumulatively, the user will be exposed on different Defi projects in spite of their complexity.

In order to achieve the set mission, Savix plans to partner with various Defi projects as time goes by. Notably, the Savix token was primarily designed to meet two major functionalities. One, SVX tokens create predictable regular interests generated by its protocol embedded staking mechanism. Secondly, SVX tokens can be used as collateral for other DeFi investments simultaneously if the tokens are unlocked while participating in the staking program.

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